Two Sides of the Same Coin

The mainstream media is accusing Alt-Right White Nationalists for inciting violence and hatred at the ironically named “Unite The Right” rally in protest of the removal of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Memorial Statue in Charlottesville,Virginia.

Make no mistake, hatred and violence is what these racists displayed, but the media yet again failed to mention that leftists groups were also to blame.

A group of Nazi wannabes had a right to protest peacefully as the permit was lawfully obtained by their organizer Jason Kessler, yet the protesters were met by anti-protesters (who arrived without permits) made up of leftists, anti-racists, and alt-left groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa who disrupted the scheduled protest which led to all the violence.

The highlighted incident of the rally came when a deranged White Nationalist identified as James Alex Fields Jr. from Ohio plowed through a mob of people with his Dodge Challenger. He murdered an innocent woman named Heather Heyer and injured 19 others.

The horrifying footage of the incident can be seen [VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED] here.

The atrocity committed by this scumbag is being described as domestic terrorism and aptly so. James is part of Vanguard America, a White Nationalist group.

It’s safe to assume that his actions were in fact politically motivated. He intentionally drove into a group of anti-protesters who expressed the opposing views of his beliefs. Violence for the sake of sending a political message is the very definition of terrorism.

Regardless of his motive, he is a murderer and deserves to suffer the worst consequences for his inconsiderate and inhumane actions. I’d say to throw the switch on his ignorant ass.

Let me make this clear. I do not condone or support White Pride or any form of racial pride whatsoever. I denounce White Nationalism, White Pride, Neo-Nazism, the Alt-Right, Black Lives Matter, Black Pride, Antifa and violent agitators as a whole. Hatred is futile.

These White Nationalists may be right-wingers, but they sure as hell aren’t conservatives. The principles of conservatism value liberty, morality, the right to defend yourself, working hard, the push for smaller government and individualism.

There’s nothing conservative about embracing the notion that one race is superior over another. That belief is backwards and nonsensical.

Racial pride is bullshit. There is nothing to be proud of when it comes to your skin tone. It’s something you were born with. It isn’t an accomplishment. People should be judged based on the content of their character alone, not the color of their skin.

Collectivist and victimization mindsets can only lead to group-think.

The more people are taught to be victims, the more violence and hatred they spread towards groups they define as their enemies. That’s what went down in Virginia. A group of white people feeling marginalized and lashing out over nothing. It’s sad and pathetic.

Identity politics is stupid. I don’t believe in being an unwarranted victim of identity. You’re a victim of your own identity if you allow yourself to be. If you live in America, you honestly aren’t being undermined by anybody unless you allow yourself to be.

What happened to thinking for yourself? Where has individualism gone?

Whether you’re a Black Lives Matter supporter or a White Nationalist, you know what you truly are?….a fucking idiot. A cog in the sprocket. Another brick in the wall. Another sheep in the herd. You have no unique thoughts or purpose. Your heads are filled with ignorance and your hearts are filled with hate. You’re two sides to the same pitiful coin. 

The media is right in saying that the nationalists are hateful and that it was a bigoted rally. These people were carrying torches reminiscent to the KKK, throwing Nazi salutes around like jack wads and waving the confederate and Nazi flags like tools. There’s nothing American or Patriotic about the flags they were waving and the message they sent.

There’s no question that this was in fact a racist rally, but let’s be honest, it’s no different from any of the black pride/BLM rallies of the past few years. That’s what the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge. This is where their hypocrisy is fully displayed.

Is one side more to blame than the other? Absolutely not. Both sides were at fault.

President Trump is right, the mainstream media failed to mention that far-left groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa were present and contributed heavily towards the violence at this nationalist rally.

The President knows not to buy into the media’s hypocritical narrative. He wanted to wait for ALL the facts to come in first. He knew that there were White Racists spouting hatred and violence. That was the obvious, but he also knew that there were agitators from the opposite side espousing an equal amount of hate and violence.

Charlottesville Police Chief, Al Thomas confirmed Trump’s assertion that there was in fact violence from both sides. His statement attributing to this fact is found around the 10:48 mark of this press conference. 

Despite the mainstream media’s lies and hypocrisy, President Trump specifically condemns white supremacist groups by name during this statement.

In case you still aren’t convinced that Trump does not support White Supremacy, here he is denouncing racism and White Power groups throughout the years on multiple occasions in this compilation video put together by journalist, Mark Dice.

Here’s the thing, the mainstream media WANTS people to get riled up and divided. Unfortunately, it’s working. More and more people are getting outraged at each other everyday…over nothing. Regular Joes are going from enjoying football on Sunday to becoming radical extremists over night.

The racial division in America had been brewing for years under President Obama, now it has culminated into a full-blown fiasco left for President Trump to deal with.

You wanted change? You got it. Here’s your change, Obama. Division and unrest within America. Your legacy has come to fruition…

The race-baiting by the media triggered black people into believing that police officers are hunting down blacks and murdering them in cold blood.

The same news sources have now led white people into marching the streets waving Nazi and redneck flags while bearing torches in support of White Supremacist causes.

This is The Business of Hate playing out in front of the world.

Listen, I’m a firm believer in freedom of speech and everyone’s right to express their beliefs. No matter how hard it is for me to agree with their speech, I will respect their right as Americans to speak it.

Whether it’s Black Lives Matter roaming the streets saying whitey’s out to get them and all cops must die or these Neo-Nazi cracker fruitcakes parading around with tiki torches saying statues shouldn’t be taken down…they all have a right to express their beliefs. No matter how ignorant they may be.

That being said, as ridiculous as I may find a white nationalist rally to be, how could these people ever have had the right to peacefully protest in the first place if they weren’t given the assurance by police officers that they would be kept safe from equally deranged outsiders wanting to disrupt the rally?

Another good question is, with all the militarized police around, why did they fail to prevent so much violence from breaking out to begin with? There is footage of mobs of people scuffling and fist fighting each other at this rally.

Violence coming in from both sides, the left and the right, yet, police officers appear to idly stand by and allow it to happen as shown here.

The police failed to do their job. The deaths and injuries sustained throughout the protest are on them. They allowed the violence to occur.

The truth is, the Charlottesville politicians did not want these Nationalists to protest. If the politicians were against them from the get go, then it’s obvious that riots and violence were bound to happen.

The organizers of the protest should have cancelled the event altogether. It was bound to get ugly and make them look even worse…and that is what happened.

On the subject of politicians interfering with freedom of speech, it should be noted that Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, Wes Bellamy is one of the politicians at the forefront of the removal of confederate statues in the south (which spurred these Nationalist groups to come together and protest in the first place).

He is publicly known to be a supporter of The Black Panther Party and the Black Lives Matter movement. It should also be noted that Wes also had to step down from the Virginia Board of Education after tweets of his surfaced on the internet containing anti-white sentiment.

Gee, with all those divisive beliefs, it’s a wonder how this guy ever ended up becoming an elected official in the first place? 

These are the same old hate-inducing politicians we’ve been electing into office for decades.

My point in mentioning these facts about the Vice-Mayor isn’t to provide sympathy for White Nationalists, it’s to point out the hypocrisy from the mainstream media and politicians.

These people accuse their enemies of being racists (and they are correct in the case of this rally), yet they fail to acknowledge the hatred and bigotry being incited by the groups that they do show sympathy for.

You can’t have it both ways. You either call out ALL racists for who they are or you shut your mouth. You can’t cherry pick who’s more racist than the other. Racists are racists. Period.

If government steps in and begins denying the freedom of speech of citizens, regardless if it’s hate speech or not, we all have a problem. If they can take away their speech, they can take away my speech and your speech…for whatever reason they see fit.

That’s what people fail to understand about defending the first Amendment. Freedom of speech means free speech for ALL…including those we disagree with.

No matter how hard it is to listen to someone you disagree with, they DO have a right to say what they please. That doesn’t mean their words and thoughts won’t be exempt from backlash.

When we begin to define what speech is acceptable or not, that is when we inevitably begin taking the first steps to having less freedom.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I believe everyone should have the right to say what they want. I believe that violent actions against innocent people, as seen with the woman who lost her life this past weekend are reprehensible and what we should truly be worrying about.

Violence isn’t caused by speech, it’s caused by an individual’s choice to commit harm to another. We can’t dismiss personal accountability and solely hold blame to ideologies or groups. We as individuals are accountable for our own actions.

Words are words. They don’t run over you at 40 miles per hour or give you skull fractures. The worst they can do is hurt your feelings. Violent physical behavior is what hurts people. That’s where I believe the line gets crossed.

As far as hate speech goes, allow bigots to speak.  It will allow the world to see how ignorant they really are. They’ll be quickly dismissed and that will be the end of them.

If you don’t want them to have a platform, why are you giving them attention and instigating brawls with these people?

If we silence people and intimidate them into hiding in the shadows, we aren’t changing the way they think, we’re forcing them to go underground where they will plot atrocities in the shadows and strike you when you least expect it.

A closeted racist is more dangerous than one who’s out in the open about his backward beliefs.

All these marginalized group protests and rallies are stupid. You have to wonder, don’t any of these people have anything better to do?

Why show up to an event with no intent of having rational discussion between those you disagree with and every intent to cause strangers you’ve never met before bodily harm. Do people really have that much unnecessary rage built up? It’s quite frankly sad and pathetic if they do.

Going back to what people got so upset over in the first place, the removal of the Confederate Statue itself, I’m not a fan of what it represents, but I don’t believe it should be removed. It’s a whole other discussion in itself, but I mean, how far will this re-writing of history go?

History is history. I believe that people need to be reminded of past atrocities. It’s helps us all learn and grow from past mistakes. You can’t change the past. It is what it is. Let it be.

Will people become so offended by Statues that we begin destroying Mount Rushmore just because Jefferson was a slave owner? Only bad can come from any group of people trying to rewrite history to fit their agenda.

The Nationalist protesters in Charlottesville were protesting for the wrong cause, but one lesson to be learned from the Charlottesville chaos is this…be careful with who you you try to silence. You may find yourselves getting silenced by the same people who helped you to silence the ones you disagree with.

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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