Transgenderism: A Disturbing Social Experiment

A person can go through all the aesthetic surgeries they want, but they will never truly become the opposite sex. They’re only fooling themselves….or are they?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Democratic municipal party here in Chicago have decided to ignore President Trump’s overturn of former President Obama’s transgender bathroom and locker room rule for public schools, as reported by CBS Chicago:

Government enforcing transgender laws onto the public school system is nothing but a disturbing social experiment involving the most innocent of us all, children. The parents and staff that enable so-called transgender kids are the true uncaring and insensible human beings. It’s child abuse and I’ll tell you why.

Children don’t have a full grasp on how the world works and are continuously developing. They play make-believe and change their minds everyday from one fixation to the other. From wanting to  be Batman one day to becoming a firefighter the next. From wanting to own Barbies to eating Play-Doh. Kids are just kids.

If a person decides to transition, that decision should be made as an adult. In the same way that someone can choose to drink, do drugs, have sex, get tattoos or gamble. It should be a decision that is well thought-out and made at a mature age.

It’s preposterous that children are being introduced to an issue that is inappropriate for their age and it’s ridiculous that the reasonings for this law are to play along with the delusions of a small minority of people and protect their feelings.

The main purpose in using bathrooms is to do your business. Going to the bathroom shouldn’t be about your feelings, it should be about emptying your bladder and your bowels. Who cares if you have to go to the bathroom of the gender you were born as? That’s what you biologically are!

If someone has fully-transitioned and believably looks like the opposite sex, they might as well just use the bathroom they choose. Honestly, if they simply do their business, I don’t believe anyone would make a big deal out of it.

These people aren’t the ones causing the whole bathroom fiasco to begin with. They’ve most likely been using bathrooms and locker rooms of their choosing long before government felt the need to create special laws for it.

My issue is with the people who still look like the gender they were born as and the perverts who will potentially take advantage of these bathroom laws, like this guy:

All this nonsense aside, we need to address the obvious…transgenderism is a mental illness. However, we’re so focused on being politically correct that the elite are flipping the script, throwing facts out the window and placing feelings at the forefront instead.

The World Health Organization will soon declassify transgenderism as a mental illness in 2018 in order to appease the left and the trans community. The Chicago Tribune reports that the change is meant to provide trans people with better access to healthcare, including funding for their transitional surgeries and follow-up hormonal treatments:

Let’s face reality. Someone born as a male will always be a man. Someone born as a female will always be a woman. Regardless of how many surgeries a trans person gets, biology can’t be defied. Gender is not a social construct. It is in fact defined by the functions of your reproductive organs.

Transgenderism also known as gender dysphoria, is a mental illness similar to any other case of dysphoria, such as anorexia or bulimia.

I self-identifying as a toothbrush, does not make me a toothbrush. The same applies to anyone who self-identifies as the sex they aren’t. No matter how convinced someone is that their delusions are true, it does not make them true.

Disturbed surgeons mutilating the genitals of these people and making them look like the opposite sex will not get rid of any of the mental health issues that they are suffering from. All this does is push their mental illness to the next level and take them to the point of no return.

Those suffering from gender dysphoria believe that transitioning is the answer to their problems and will get rid of their depression, but it seems as though that isn’t the case as seen in these alarming studies listed here:

Why are we so hesitant to call a Spade a Spade? It seems as though we prefer virtue-signalling and appearing to care for others by being politically correct, rather than actually caring for the well-being of people.

Those in support of the transgender movement are no different from anyone who would cheer on a suicidal person to jump off a building and watch them fall. Whether they realize it or not, their support isn’t supportive at all, it’s ironically inhumane and inconsiderate.

If they actually wanted to help, they wouldn’t promote the delusions of transgender people, they would aid them in overcoming their illness.

You can virtue-signal me as much as you want, but when it comes down to it, I want to live in a society that actually cares for the mentally ill, not one that politicizes an entire group of people just to fit their agendas.

Conservatives like myself aren’t against people suffering from gender dysphoria. It’s not about bathrooms or being afraid of those who are different. It’s about sugarcoating the truth and pretending that mental illness is nothing to worry about, because it is.


Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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