The Business of Hate

Racial tensions aren’t nearly as bad today as they were decades ago. The media’s trying to hysterically divide the people. Think about it. The same news source that has been telling us lies for decades is the same source telling us that racial tension is as bad as ever in 2017.

The media fuels all this racial and identity division in order to divide us into two opposing sides.

We’re so caught up in disagreeing with each other and getting in at each other’s throats, that we fail to realize the only reason they’re pushing these narratives onto us is for higher ratings and more money in their pockets.

They make victims out of groups of people who shouldn’t be victims to begin with. That’s the problem with identity politics. It becomes the Victim Olympics…a competition to see which group is more oppressed than the other.

All marginalized groups in the U.S. share the same common enemy, which in the case of social justice warriors here in the west, is the White Male Patriarchy.

Fellow white people, WE caused all the world’s problems. We must willfully provide reparations to every other race on the planet to make up for being that terrible. Or at least, that’s the hypocritical idea that leftists want us all to think.

I don’t care how loud anyone shouts about it on the street. I’m never going to feel sorry or bad about something that I personally had nothing to do with. I’m responsible for my words and actions, not something that somebody (whom I never met) did decades ago.

The irony is, that if you happen to be someone who isn’t white or straight and disagree with these crazy leftist beliefs, the left considers you to be even worse than whites for missing their identity politics memo and choosing to think for yourself.

Yes, I’m a metal head and a conservative respectively. I may have strong opinions, but I certainly do not speak on behalf of any group, especially an entire community of people. I said it before and I’ll say it again, my views are mine and mine alone.

Which brings me to my next point: anyone who claims to represent an entire group of people based off an identity trait such as skin color or sexual orientation is a moron and full of shit. No one person can speak for an entire population of diverse individuals.

Do people honestly believe blacks are currently held back in America?

Racial tensions aren’t just as bad or worse than they were a century ago. Things are far more better for everyone living in America. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or inside a closed-minded bubble, you’d know that.

Put simply, white privilege doesn’t exist. You know what privilege does exist? The privilege of being a minority who receives special benefits from the government and public institutions.

Yes, the privilege of being born into an extremely wealthy family also exists, but being born into such a family isn’t exclusive to one race.

Numerous people around the world aren’t white and are still filthy rich. That being said, how come we never have witch hunts targeting wealthy Asians or wealthy Hispanics?

Because only white people can be racist and oppressive, that’s why!” Oh, Lordy Lord. What a world we live in with people actually going through life believing something like that.

Racism is racism. Oppression is oppression. Those practices aren’t exclusive to whites.

If anything, movements like Black Lives Matter are just as divisive and racist as groups like the KKK. Times have changed, the roles have reversed, but the tune certainly sounds the same.

What’s with the left wanting whites to feel “white guilt”?

To feel bad about your ethnicity without a justifiable reason is absurd. No, I don’t believe that someone’s ancestor owning slaves automatically makes their descendants despicable human beings.

You can’t hold an entire race accountable for the sins of their fathers. Especially when they are being held accountable for an atrocity that has been practiced by other races and is still practiced elsewhere in the world today. Slavery’s still going on in the Middle East, you virtue-signalers (

My point is, any ill that a white man has been accused of, you can find at least one member of any given race that is just as guilty if not more so of committing the same crime.

Careful! You don’t have want to offend people by stating facts and making their heads explode.

Why are people so soft and sensitive?

They don’t want to discuss. They just want to ridicule and look down on anyone who dares to be rational.

What’s wrong with having a difference of opinion? Isn’t challenging preexisting beliefs and practicing critical thinking supposed to be a good thing?

It’s stupid to have pride in something like sexual orientation or skin color. Nobody needs to pat you on the back for simply being who you are. Being born black or white isn’t an achievement, it’s your skin color for crying out loud!

If you’re constantly telling yourself that the world is out to get you and there’s no point in even trying, then you have no one else to blame for your failures except yourself. You’re the one choosing to live your life with negativity.

Never mind the patriarchy, the whites and the rich holding you back. Those imaginary enemies you create are all in your heads and the media feeds off your sensitivity and insecurities. Stop letting them.

Talent is talent and hard work is hard work. Anyone telling you otherwise is full of shit. If you want something, work for it. Period. Your skin pigmentation isn’t holding you back from anything, you are.

I judge people by the content of their character and their merits. Nothing more, nothing less.

Systematic oppression in America in 2017 is a myth. You know where you can actually find systematic oppression? Try 3rd world countries run by thugs, tyrants and dictators.

Every man and woman living in America has the opportunity to flourish and pursue happiness. At the end of the day, your level of success depends on no one but yourself. So quit the race-baiting and hold yourselves accountable for your actions.

“It’s not about practice, it’s all about preach. So call me a bigot if you don’t like what I teach. Try to destroy me when you don’t like what I say. You are the lynch mob…you are the business of hate”. – Stuck Mojo

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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