You’re Not Alone

I don’t want to write this post as a writer, I want to write it as a friend.

Times are tough right now, and many people are going through them alone. Being isolated with your thoughts can turn into a dark place and believe me, I’m right there with you.

Together we can get through this. I wanted to share what I’ve been doing that you can too: writing.

It’s good for decluttering thoughts. Don’t even think about what you want to write, just write down whatever pops in your head. Once you write down what’s going on, throw it away. It’s a good way to drop bad thoughts.

I also like to write poetry to express how I’m feeling, but like I mentioned, it doesn’t have to be specific. Write whatever you’re feeling and trust me, you’ll feel better.

Another thing that helps is music. I recently saw a study that says listening to at least an hour of music everyday can improve your health. 

Listening to songs that express different emotions such as sadness, anger and happiness are beneficial for your mental health. When no one else is there, trust me, music always has your back.

The important thing to remember is that:

It’s okay to not be okay. 

Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t do anything productive. We all need breaks to relax our minds and reset. Whether it’s by taking a nap, a calming bath, reading a book, or watching a show. Do what makes you happy, because your health is important.

You’re never alone. Plenty of people feel this way. Just remember that you are loved and cared for. I hope this helps you and makes you smile. 

You made it through another day. It’s a small accomplishment. Be proud. Everything will be okay. 

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