So You Want to Move to Canada, Eh?

The truth about Canada? It’s not as great a place to live as everyone makes it out to be. Nice to visit for a bit, but not the place to be. Now am I saying all Canadians are dicks? Yes I am. That’s exactly what we are. Pretentious dicks. Some of us are just more honest and open than others.  

You know what Canadians are? Hypocrites. Canada isn’t a big happy campfire where every race on the planet comes together and sings Kumbaya in harmony. Its got its problems just like any other country. Only difference is, Canadians like to pretend everything’s fine, even when things aren’t.

Allow me to unearth the problems Canadians slide under the rug…

Canada is a country whose citizens make up a cultural mosaic. This means that immigrants maintain their cultural identity from their native lands and don’t end up fully assimilating into  one unified Canadian identity.

Whereas the U.S has a melting pot. People who immigrate to the U.S.are encouraged to leave their former traditions behind and embrace Americanism, effectively becoming a part of one unified American identity.

From my experience and my time living in both countries, the cultural mosaic is a failure and the melting pot is the way to go. Diversity causes nothing but division. People constantly butt-heads over ideological and cultural differences. We need unity, not division. People need to be on the same page, not at each others throats.

This has been apparent all throughout Canadian history from the differences between the British settlers and the Native Americans, to the Anglophones (English-speakers) and the Francophones (French-speakers), to settled Canadian immigrants and newly-arrived immigrants. There is constant conflict thanks to the wonders of diversity.

Yet we can’t criticize policies of diversity without being ridiculed. If you do, people will label you as a racist or a bigot. It shouldn’t be wrong to say that some people simply don’t get along. Forcing them to coexist and pretending there are no differences between them doesn’t solve anything. Yet Canadians love to virtue-signal the rest of the world about tolerance.

People refuse to co-exist which is why immigrants who arrived to Canada have ghettoized themselves. Italians, the native French speakers, English-speakers, Greeks, Haitians, Asians and Indians all live in their own designated neighborhoods away from other ethnic groups.

Most immigrants don’t care about being Canadian and accepting North American values, they want to hold onto their traditions and keep to themselves.

Minorities demand special privileges and require to be catered to. It’s a problem and it affects Canadians more than they realize as is the case with the recent passing of Bill-M103, an anti-Islamophobia bill that protects Muslims from all forms of criticism and punishes Canadians who speak against them. I previously touched upon this topic here.

A Canadian identity, if there ever was one was destroyed long ago. Now what do we have in Canada? People with completely differing views not getting along with each other.

Why is Canadian society set up this way? It’s because of Canada’s political system. When it comes to politics, there’s pretty much one side that dominates the majority of political parties in the Great White North…the left.

On the federal, provincial and municipal levels, most of the options to vote for are strictly liberal. No matter what your political beliefs are, the fact that there are barely any ideological oppositions to vote for says it all.

How did Canada get so liberal to begin with? Well, if you take a look at it’s history, it’s no surprise that Canada has been a liberal country from the start.

Canadians never placed as big of an emphasis on being free like their neighbors south of the border did. That’s why they remained loyal to the United Kingdom and are still tied to the British monarchy to this day. Canadians have always been too dependent on their government.

Government plays a huge role in shaping the lives of its citizens. How do they influence people so effortlessly? With the help of the biased government ass-kissing Canadian mainstream media of course!

Enter the CBC or the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation which is funded by the federal government and has been brainwashing Canadians for decades. 

The liberal conditioning of citizens starts from a young age via the broadcasting of children’s shows. The maintenance of liberalism continues into adulthood with biased news reporting that favors the left and vehemently criticizes right-wing ideology.

I remember digesting countless liberal talking points by watching Canadian TV as a kid. Topics ranging from cultural diversity to environmentalism were ingrained into my mind. I was taught that guns were bad, corporations are evil, government’s here to take care of you, free healthcare is wonderful,the planet is dying and so on and so forth. Bullshit on more bullshit.

Why do viewers tend to accept whatever it is they see or hear on TV? Well, the average viewer doesn’t take the time to do their own research and question what they are told. I mean, if the anchorman says it, it must be true!

“How can you complain about Canada? Don’t you guys have free healthcare up there? Isn’t that an amazing thing?”

Free healthcare isn’t perfect. Far from it. You get what you pay for. In Canada’s case, you pretty much get nothing when it comes to this. Countless hours waiting in emergency, weeks to finally see a doctor, then if for some reason you are lucky enough to get treated…the services are unsurprisingly terrible.

It’s no wonder Canadians with life-threatening medical conditions cross the border to find themselves suitable treatment. Don’t bother seeing a doctor in Canada. Free healthcare is nothing but a death sentence waiting to happen.

“Oh, come on! Canada can’t be that bad. What about all the jobs up there?”

Canada’s a huge country. It has plenty of natural resources to take advantage of, but does it embrace it? Nope. With strict environmental laws, Canada shoots itself in the foot and kills jobs for its people time and time again. Look no further than Alberta’s oil industry plummeting in recent years thanks to crazy leftist environmental policies spearheaded by the NDP.

Successful Canadians can only go so far with their careers in Canada. That’s why any famous Canadian you can think of has furthered their careers by moving and finding work in the U.S. or elsewhere. You only put yourself in a box by choosing to remain in Canada all your life.

Don’t get me wrong, you can live a decent life in Canada. It’s far from being the worst country on the planet, all I’m saying is you’ll never be able to live life to the fullest there. Politicians and bureaucrats impose far too much to allow you to flourish.

Sure, there’s amazing things and people that come out of Canada. Beer, hockey, bacon, Rush and maple syrup are all incredible things, but with social liberal policies hindering the basic quality of life, I see no reason to personally continue living in Canada.

Listen, I don’t need to be driving the fanciest car on the road, take luxurious vacations every other weekend or buy absurd material items that I’d never use. I’m the type of guy who appreciates walking around the park and picking up his dog’s poop for God’s sake!

If I enjoy living such a simple life, then why all the Canada bashing? Can’t I have all those things there?

Yes, I can. But at what cost? Canada doesn’t value freedom. It values virtue-signalling. I’m someone who seeks more from life. Not to necessarily have more, but the idea of having the option to, if I chose to.

The pursuit of happiness and freedom is what matters. In my eyes, Canada doesn’t offer true freedom, it only pretends to…and that my friends, ain’t a place worth living in.

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

2 thoughts on “So You Want to Move to Canada, Eh?”

  1. I used to think that living in Canada would be amazing. That it was full of happiness and free living. But how that I know the truth, I’ll stick to the US. Thank you Robby for opening my eyes. I love it when people aren’t afraid to speak the truth. We need more people like you.

  2. Dude, I’m disappointed… “Sure, there’s amazing things and people that come out of Canada. Beer, hockey, bacon, Rush and maple syrup…”
    And, Chris Jericho… how could you miss that one!

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