Sex, Drugs & Misogyny?

Polish death metal band, Decapitated were arrested on September 9th for kidnapping charges, which inevitably turned into gang-rape accusations after a female fan visited their tour bus in Spokane, Washington.

The woman alleges that she was forced into the bus bathroom where she was bent over backwards and pushed up against the wall head first, while the band disturbingly took turns raping her. One of the victim’s friend claims she witnessed the incident.

When questioned by police and being shown photographs of the women accusing the band of rape, drummer Michal Lysejko denied having seen them before. Vocalist Rafal Piotrowski said the women attended a party on their bus, but declined further comment.

It’s a fact that at least two of the guys in the band had sex with the woman accusing them of rape, as guitarist Waclaw Kieltyka admitted that he saw two of his band mates engage in sexual acts with her.

Language barrier aside, the guys all recounted different scenarios from the same evening, so something doesn’t quite match-up. Someone from the Decapitated camp IS lying.

If this is all turns out to be some dramatic lie fabricated by the alleged victims, then this will turn out to be another sad example of why musicians should know better than to let strangers on their bus or into their hotel rooms while out on the road.

Best case scenario is that they did have consensual sex with the woman, but she decided to lie about being raped by them in an attempt to ruin their careers and reputation. Worst case scenario is that all the claims brought against them are true and she was actually raped.

It’s cool to have fun and party and all, but cut the rock star cliches. You’re musicians. Your job is to entertain, create and play music. It isn’t to get wasted, bang groupies and trash venues. Your job and your responsibilities come first, everything else comes second. If you want to party, by all means party, but party with people you know and trust.

You don’t need to be banging your fans, especially complete strangers. You’re musicians. Do your jobs and play music. Why throw away everything you worked so hard for? Over what? Fulfilling selfish and possibly depraved pleasures?

Listen, I don’t personally know them and I don’t know who their accusers are. I have no idea if they are guilty or innocent. But here’s the thing, from what I and everyone else knows about the situation, whether they did or didn’t do anything wrong…they messed up big time.

These guys are all in their 30s. They’re grown adults. Sleeping around with numerous people is behavior you’d expect from hormonal teenagers and immature people.

Sleeping around isn’t an accomplishment. It’s a biological human urge meant for reproduction. Being a whore is nothing to be proud about. That goes for both chicks and dudes.  

There is ZERO benefit in sleeping around with strangers, unless adding another meaningless bang to your list of shame counts as some kind of personal achievement. This kind of behavior should be shamed and discouraged.

You want to sleep around with strangers? Go ahead, but you can’t consider yourself a genuinely good person if you are someone who engages in such behavior.

That being said, just because Decapitated is a band that you like, doesn’t mean you actually know them or know that they are innocent. You don’t know what’s really going on in a person’s head or what their true intentions are…none of us do.

“They’re hardworking good guys, they could never do that!”

Well, most sociopaths are seemingly friendly until their sickness is publicly outed. All sociopaths tend to be quite the charming characters. You never know who a person is until their true colors come out.

Could this woman be lying about being raped? Perhaps. But from what the public knows about the case, it appears as though she is telling the truth.

I get it. It’s exciting to meet your favorite artists and wanting to hang with them, but you have to be careful out there. Just because you’re infatuated with the idea of who you think someone might be, doesn’t mean they’re anything like that.

A lot of these band guys are straight-up dicks, then again, there’s a ton of them out there who are absolute sweethearts. At the end of the day, they’re strangers. Rule number one as a kid, “don’t take candy from a stranger“.

Slander and scandals ruin careers. Especially in this day and age where everyone carries a smartphone. It ruined former Fox host Bill O’Reilly and regardless of what really happened, it’s now tarnished Decapitated’s reputation as a band.

Whether the allegations are true or not, it’s brought up an issue within our scene that needs to be addressed….the culture and acceptance of sexual abuse and deviance engaged by musicians and industry figures. Let’s refresh our memories with the most horrific atrocities committed by musicians in recent years:

LostProphets singer Ian Watkins was sentenced to 35 years in prison in 2013 after pleading guilty to 13 child sex offences including the attempted rape of a baby. A fuckin’ baby…how sick can people get? You gotta wonder, why is this piece of shit still breathing?

Electronic music duo Blood on the Dancefloor were kicked of a 2014 tour in support of Combichrist after child sexual abuse allegations surfaced against Dahvie Vanity, in which he was accused of openly groping underage girls as young as 13 years old

His former band mate Jayy Von would publicly describe Dahvie as an abusive, manipulative and controlling individual towards him and women in this Facebook post in 2016 (which has since been taken down). He also mentions that Dahvie would frequently invite and fly in random girls to come live with him and Jayy Von at their home. Creeper beeper alert.

YouTube singer Austin Jones was arrested for two counts of child pornography in 2017. He told numerous female fans to send him “twerking videos” and told two underage fans to send him sexually explicit videos of themselves to audition for a chance to have sex with him. 

Boy, what a treat. Step on up and get your chance to sleep with a pedophile douche bag Bieber wannabe here! Hope this kid rots in a cell for the rest of his life.

Jake McElfresh aka Front Porch Step was accused of serious sexual allegations with numerous minors and was consequently kicked off of Van’s Warped Tour in 2014.

The lack of self-awareness as he asserts he didn’t realize he was doing anything wrong in engaging in sexual contact and exchanging disturbing sexual messages with kids is disgusting. He clearly has no remorse for his actions…

His threats of suicide being sent to Warped Tour chief Kevin Lyman are pathetic. If he’d have sent me text messages telling me he was going to kill himself, I would have told him the same thing I would have told any child abuser, take that gun and go kill yourself.

The world would truly be a better place without people like him. If convicted, I believe that ALL  pedophiles should face castration and then be given the death penalty. Period.

You take away the innocence of a child or kill an innocent person, in doing so you have given up your own right to live. You’re no longer a person, you’re a monster who deserves the electric chair.

All these people act as if they hadn’t done anything wrong. They’re true sociopaths. They play the victim while victimizing others and get away with it. It’s sickening how selfish and perverse people can be.

How many more musicians are guilty of this behavior that we don’t know about? How many of their band mates witness it and let it slide? How many industry people themselves pursue young girls behind the scenes? These are the questions we should be asking.

You know why no one calls out pedophiles in the metal scene? Because the entire scene would probably come crumbling down. All your icons and legends you admire would turn out to be sick perverted creeps. Yet, we glorify them and their behavior.

Pedophiles and sexual abusers aren’t exclusively balding, belly-bulging, middle aged creepers who ride in pedo-vans. They could be young and charismatic artists who sing love songs to naive girls. They could be members of a Polish death metal band touring in a bus. They could even be a journalist who writes your favorite metal album reviews.

You never know until you know. One thing’s for sure, the truth always comes out…

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

One thought on “Sex, Drugs & Misogyny?”

  1. Hey I started reading your articles and wow…. It’s like I was hit with a goddamn tidal wave of truth and justice. CRAZY. Metal Sucks needs to go down. It’s terrible and the people that slander you cannot even handle the facts that’s why they hide from the comfort of their ivory tower shouting lies and bullshit. They can’t handle reality.

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