Quebec’s Sovereignist Pipe Dream

The idea of sovereignty for Quebec has been present ever since the French were conquered by the British. Due to their distinct language and cultural difference from the rest of Canada, sovereignists have this romantic idea that Quebec should become its own standalone nation. Allow me to explain how the sovereignty movement has destroyed Quebec culture…

The ideas of sovereignty culminated with the radical separatist Marxist-Leninist paramilitary group The FLQ (The Quebec Liberation Front) pushing their political agenda onto Quebecers and Canadians using violence and intimidation, in a similar fashion to alt-left groups of today, Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

They committed bombings, kidnappings of political figures throughout the 60s and 70s and their actions led to the October Crisis, which called for Martial Law to be enforced throughout Quebec until Canadian Forces finally captured FLQ members Paul Rose, Jacques Rose and Francis Simard and the group’s operations consequently ended.

Despite the FLQ being shut down, their principal ideas remained having garnered popular support from a good portion of Quebecers at the time, with the French language becoming a central focus for many.

On August 26th, 1977, Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau had given into the ideals of Quebec sovereignty, which led to the signing of The Charter of the French Language, Bill 101 by the Prime Minister and Queen Elizabeth II, forcing the rest of Canada to become bilingual and adapt to the new language laws appeasing the French and their language.

You know why I have no sympathy for the separatist cause? Because it’s all based on identity politics. It was the original race-baiting social justice movement.

The English beat the French during The Battle of the Plains of Abraham on September 13th, 1759. In an attempt to give diversity a go, the British were kind enough to allow the French to keep their own language, religion and their culture that has survived to this day…well, kinda.

By placing language above their actual values, Quebec has been destroying its culture for decades with their implementation of secularism and their embrace of leftist/socialist values.

They’ve widely lost their faith in Catholicism in favor of Atheism, are having less children (if any at all) as each generation passes and they push for more welfare programs.

Another contributor to Quebec’s cultural decline is their backwards immigration system. The Quebec Government encourages immigrants to exclusively come from other French-speaking countries around the world.

Immigrating to Quebec isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. If you’re thinking of going to school in English or sending your children to English schools, forget about it. The government literally won’t allow you to.

All immigrants who move to Quebec have to go to school in French. The government enforces this so that the vast majority of the population remains French-speaking.

The only way your kids can go to public English schools in the province is if at least one of the parents had gone to an English school either in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada.

Another way to send your kids to learn in English is if you send them to an English private school, but government officials may prevent you from using that loophole.

At least the anglophone (English-speaking) population is forced to learn French and live with it, whereas the francophones (French-speaking) tend to speak English less than their English mother-tongued counterparts who are capable of speaking French.

However, francophone students can choose to attend school in English at the CEGEP (college) level. Prior to that, all French speakers and allophones (non-English and non-French speakers) must exclusively attend French-speaking schools at the primary and secondary levels of education.

Onto the grander scheme of things, the irony in wanting French-speakers come to Quebec is that they are importing a vast majority of migrants who come from countries like Haiti and numerous Middle Eastern countries such as Tunisia, Algeria and  Morocco.

Countries with people who have dramatically different values and lifestyles from Quebecers.

Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can tout all day long how “diversity is our strength”, it’s not, if Quebec’s history has proven anything, it’s that diversity is a hindrance that holds states, provinces and countries back. It’s why Quebec continues to have issues with the rest of Canada to this day.

You can’t have strength when you’re being crippled by your own people’s division.

Here’s the thing, these new immigrants coming from these French-speaking countries may share the same language as Quebecers, but they have ideals that vastly contrast those of the French.

With an increase in immigrants and them having more children than the native Quebecers, they will eventually, without a doubt replace the current French majority.

Quebec will continue to be french-speaking, but at what cost? Long gone are the days of Quebec being a Catholic province. Quebec will become a Muslim province with the surge of refugees and the lack of faith amongst Quebecers themselves.

What else can they expect? They mock their own religion and history in favor of the separation between church and state. In doing so, they will eventually wipe out their own culture.

Had the British been smart, they would have forced the newly conquered French to adopt their British culture and learn the English language right then and there. Canada wouldn’t have such a divisive problem with Quebec had they done so at the time.

You can’t appease minority groups. As we’ve seen, time and time again things will never be enough for them. They’ll come back and make even more demands until you completely cave in and they destroy you from within.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t be tolerant with your enemies, you either eliminate them or they will attempt to eliminate you or undermine you at one point or another.

Quebec is the perfect example of why diversity doesn’t work. You must assimilate your people or have them leave. You can’t have two conflicting people with completely opposite ideals sharing the same living space together. It didn’t work then, doesn’t work now and won’t work at any point in the future either.

Cultural issues aside, Quebec has been adamant on limiting liberty and free speech. The French language is so sacred to sovereignists that they will literally send the thought police after you for refusing to comply with their regulations.

The language police is an actual thing in this province. Businesses get shut down and fined all the time for refusing to comply to the ridiculous language laws enforced by the Office québécois de la langue française.

For example, business signs have to be displayed in French. If there happens to be a sign written in English or any other language, the other language font must be smaller than the French font and it most definitely must include French. These laws are enforced to the tee.

The majority of business that Quebec has is with the rest of English-speaking Canada and the United States…oh, and China of course. What? Are all these other places supposed to cater to you and your beliefs?

They don’t need Quebec. Quebec needs them. These other countries can easily go elsewhere where people have no problem speaking English with them in order to do business. Business is business. Period. Keep your feelings and identity politics out of it.

The truth is, these language laws only limit people. They don’t benefit anyone. The French themselves lose the most. If anything, it hurts them and prevents them from attaining more opportunities because of all the regulations and restrictions regarding language alone.

Is it any wonder that many major businesses began leaving the province in droves once all this talk of sovereignty began back in the 60s? Makes sense. Why would any company decide to invest in a province that values something as trivial as language over business?

How are you supposed to do business with anyone, when you refuse to speak any other language other than French?

Listen, I love the idea of a place in the world where the majority of people are bilingual. It’s amazing how many people living in Quebec speak both French and English or more languages. Bilingualism is a strength, not a weakness. It’s something that should be encouraged.

We shouldn’t have to ENFORCE French into people’s lives. Allow people to choose to go to school or do business in English or French if they please. I assure you, they’d continue to speak French regardless.

If your identity is based off language alone, you have no identity. An identity is more than one trait. It’s your language, your religion, your values, your ethics, your beliefs, your hobbies, your work and your behavior that define who you are.

Personally, I have no problem with French as a language. I love being able to understand, read and write in French and I love that people DO speak French in public places in Quebec. I do want to be greeted in French whenever I go to a store, a restaurant or a bar in Montreal. It’s what I grew up with and expect and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What I’m not on board with is putting language above all else to the point that you censor others and end up compromising your own beliefs all for the sake of language preservation. I believe in liberty for the individual, not sovereignty for a divisive and closed-minded collective.

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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  1. I am a Senior taking a course at The University of Ottawa and I ran into a bit of aggravation and opposition when I stated in class yesterday that Paul Rose of the FLQ was under the influence of LSD (“acid”) at the time of the insurrection. Am I incorrect in saying this? (I refer only to Rose and not Pierre Vallieres and the other FLQ “activists.”) Was Rose on drugs?

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