Pro-Choice Means No Choice at All

Feminist women parade the streets championing their abortions and the right to have one. Abortions aren’t a human right, they’re a paid service that terminates an innocent life. You can claim to be pro-choice all you want, but really…what choice are you giving the unborn by enabling their deaths through organizations like Planned Parenthood?

Past generations used to say “I would die for my children”. This generation, more often than not, willingly kills off their children, in order to live selfish and meaningless lives.  We now value ourselves and our promiscuity over our children and our standards.

Having sex is not a human right, it’s a human function. Sex is supposed to be a meaningful act . Popular culture has turned it into a commodity of shallow pleasure and degeneracy. If you didn’t want to have a future and a child with someone, why are you sleeping around with them to begin with?

Am I saying that people shouldn’t enjoy having sex? Of course not. I’m saying that sex has a biological purpose, and if you are unwilling to deal with the consequences of that purpose, then that’s on you. An unborn child shouldn’t have to pay for the consequences of your mistakes, no matter how those mistakes occurred.

With the pro-choice movement and feminism being so prominent, it makes sense that mainstream thought discourages people from starting families and encourages abortions instead. Due to this, the U.S. has fallen to it’s lowest birth rate point since record keeping began:

Should the federal government be funding Planned Parenthood? Absolutely not. If someone chooses to murder their own child, that’s on them. I and every other taxpayer shouldn’t have to fund and support someone else’s poor decisions. The American birth rate is low as is. We need to promote having children and starting families again.

Politicians who promote the funding of Planned Parenthood do so because they are earning profits off the sale of dead baby body parts through these organizations behind closed doors. Why else would they support the killing of babies? Here’s Deborah Nucatola, a Planned Parenthood executive caught red-handed explaining how the organization illegally sells baby parts for profit:

Politics aside, how is being pro-choice fighting for women’s rights? What about all the little girls who got and get killed through abortions? Do they have any rights? The terms reproductive rights and women’s rights, when used in referral to being pro-choice, is deceiving. It shouldn’t be called reproductive rights. It should be called what it is, taking the lives of the unborn.

Abortion clinics are misleadingly called women centers. They are not centers for women, they’re slaughterhouses for children where gullible would-be mothers partake in ending the lives of their own children before their lives can even begin.

This is not just a women’s issue, it’s a human morality issue. It takes a man and a woman to cause a pregnancy. Any man who gets a woman pregnant and refuses to be there for his child is not a man. He’s a little boy who’s afraid to take responsibility and deal with the consequences of his actions.

A man who encourages a woman to get an abortion or shows indifference to someone he got pregnant telling him that she wants to get an abortion is pathetic. Man up already. Protect your child, help support the mother and be a father.

Being a parent means being there for your children in any way that they need you to be. Forget this “me-me-me” attitude of modern times.  As a parent, your kids come first. Parenthood starts with giving your child the opportunity to live.

The Age of Abortions will one day be remembered as one of  the most atrocious genocides in all of human history. This genocide on babies is being fueled by the likes of Planned Parenthood and it’s supporters. If we can’t fight and stand up for the unborn, how can we stand for anything moral at all?

“But it’s just a ball of cells, it’s not a human being!” Wrong. Here’s a summarization of conception and the development of a human fetus during the first trimester according to the American Pregnancy Association:

“From the moment of conception, sperm penetrates the egg and creates a single set of 46 chromosomes called a zygote, which is the basis of a new human being. By weeks 2 and 3, arms and legs have formed and the heart begins beating at a steady rhythm”.

“By week 4, the lungs, jaw, nose and palate haven taken shape. By week 7, every vital organ has already formed. Hair, nipples, eyelids and the tongue begin forming as well. The elbow and toes are distinctly visible. Week 8, the ears continue to form. The bones begin to form and the baby’s muscles can contract, while facial features become more prominent”.

“At 10 weeks, the fetus is about 3 inches in length, the genitalia has formed, the eyelids close and don’t re-open until the 28th week of pregnancy, the fetus can make a fist and baby teeth are visible”.

This is just the first trimester. Most women only realize they are pregnant by week 4. From the moment of conception, the sperm in the egg is defined as a human being. That is not a ball of cells. That is a living person. Abortion isn’t the cancellation of a pregnancy, it’s the termination of a human life.

Still believe that a fetus is not a human being? Allow me to summarize what exactly an abortion entails, as explained by Dr. Anthony Levatino, who describes the gruesome procedures of abortions during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters here:

During a 1st trimester abortion, the baby is sucked out of the uterus with a suction catheter and any remaining pieces of the fetus are scraped off with a curette (a long handled curved blade). During this procedure, the baby is torn apart into pieces by the force of the suction. Literally shred to pieces. Let that image settle in your head for awhile.

If you thought 1st trimester abortions sound horrifying, 2nd trimester abortions are no different from barbaric practices of torture. The baby is tortured during this process as it’s limbs are grasped one-by-one using a sopher clamp. Once all limbs and organs are removed by the abortionist, the head is finally grasped and crushed as the remaining pieces are taken out with the clamp and the curette.

As if abortion procedures couldn’t get any worse, 3rd trimester abortions happen as well. During the 3rd trimester at 25 weeks, the fetus is fully-developed at this point. The baby can potentially survive a premature birth at this stage. Let that sink in before I proceed to explain the following procedure.

On day 1 one of the procedure, the doctor will insert a large needle into the mother’s abdomen or vagina targeting the baby’s head, heart or abdomen and inject it with digoxin. Digoxin is typically used to treat heart problems, but a high enough dosage causes cardiac arrest, which is why abortionists use it to kill babies during the 3rd trimester. To make it worse, babies do feel pain at this stage.

Multiple sticks of seaweed called laminaria are placed into the woman’s cervix to help the cervix dilate. The laminaria is placed after the baby has been injected and killed by the digoxin.  The mother then carries the dead child for 2-3 more days. An abortionist will use an ultrasound during the 2nd visit to make sure the baby has died. If the child survived the first dosage of digoxin, a second dosage is given.

Once the cervix is dilated and the mother begins contracting, she will push the dead baby out of her uterus. If the baby does not come out whole, the abortionist must proceed with dilation and evacuation. Just like the procedure for abortions during the 2nd trimester, the abortionist uses clamps to dismember the dead child piece by piece and all remains are scraped out of the womb.

Dr. Levatino had previously conducted over 1,200 abortions. One day, he felt remorse for performing an abortion and looked down at the baby’s remains only to realize that he had murdered someone’s son or daughter. Seeking to right his wrongs, he has since vowed to raise awareness against abortions and fight for the lives of the unborn.

We can never guess the potential of a human being, which is why every child deserves a chance at life. Even if it is known that a baby will be born with a disability or illness, it shouldn’t matter. At the end of the day, it’s still a human being. The only true disability in life is a shitty attitude.

To end on a positive and empowering note, I’d like to share the beautiful story of  Gianna Jessen. Gianna is a late-term abortion survivor. Despite being born with cerebral palsy (a disease that affects body movement and muscle coordination) due to complications from the botched abortion procedure, she is clearly more than grateful to be alive and lives her life to the fullest. Gianna’s testimony against Planned Parenthood is a must-watch:

Truth is, it’s a blessing to be alive. Life should never be taken for granted. Everyone has their place on this planet. Only God knows how many great minds that could have benefited humanity lost their lives due to being aborted.  Life is precious and everyone deserves a chance at it, which is why we must actively defend and fight for the rights of the most innocent of us all…the unborn.

Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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