President Trump & The Fall of the Establishment

Trump is the person that everybody loves to put the blame on. He gets blamed for all the world’s problems. People are poor. Trump’s fault. People lose their shitty healthcare. Trump’s fault. Municipal politicians representing the Democrat party raise taxes on Chicagoans, it’s still somehow Trump’s fault and the media’s to blame.

Journalism is supposed to be objective, but it hasn’t been for decades. It’s completely biased and the mainstream views are hysterical.  The mainstream media leans too far to the left to be objective. All mainstream news sources projected that Trump wouldn’t become President, yet here he is and he isn’t backing down from his opponents.

Conservative news sources are biased as well. But they really have no choice. They counteract the mainstream news sources, trying to balance things out, while the rest of us have to judge for ourselves who’s telling the truth and who isn’t.

The media feeds people with fear. They’re leading everyone to the point of mass hysteria. They want us divided and distracted. They want Americans to turn against their President in order to hold the U.S. back.

If anything, Trump has made the world realize just how biased and distorted the mainstream media is with their narratives. They don’t tell the news, they tell people what they want them to hear and see.

Because of the narrative, people are now swarming the streets, causing traffic, tearing down historical statues, shutting down speeches on college campuses. And they happen to be the people who do the least for society to begin with. Yet they’re the most outraged over President Trump.

Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because his rhetoric is implying for you people to stop being wimps and get jobs already. If they have all this time to destroy their surroundings, I can only assume they have nothing else better to do with their lives, right?

I’d genuinely like to ask them, what’s so bad about Trump wanting to put Americans first?

I’m an immigrant going through the process of immigration. I’m going through it legally. I love Trump’s stance on immigration. It’s brilliant.

The people who should be here, should be here. Anyone who has no business being here in the first place needs to go. Period.

I especially have no problem with him wanting to keep out drug dealers and gang bangers from Mexico and vetting people from Middle Eastern countries whose number one import happens to be terrorists. It’s not a bad thing, it keeps citizens safe.

Trump is the outsider. He can’t be bought. He’s the first billionaire to have the balls to come out of the shadows and run for the Presidency himself. He isn’t a career politician. He’s a successful businessman who genuinely cares about his country.

He isn’t in this for the money. He had all the money he could ever ask for prior to becoming the President. He’s spending the last years of his life dedicated to making this country return to its former glory.

He could have retired and sipped piña coladas in Costa Rica for the rest of his life, yet he chose to live the last years of his life doing the hardest job in the world in a climate that crucifies him on a daily basis. Just think about that for one second, will ya? It sounds pretty selfless if you ask me.

How did Trump become the President, anyway? I’ll put it simply…

Obama’s campaign slogan was all about “change”. Change this, change that. The succeeding President’s catchphrase ended up being “Make America Great Again”. Is it any wonder Americans voted for Trump? They realized they fucked up and wanted to right their wrongs. Enter the era of Trump…the anti-politician.

America wanted change a decade ago and change is what they got. Job losses, more welfare, bigger government, more rights for fringe groups like the LGBT community and illegal immigrants. All the while rights were being taken away from America’s backbone…the working class.

America was heading in a direction so far left that when a person like Trump comes along and says something along the lines of, “hey, let’s hit the brakes, slow it down a little and take a step back so we don’t drive ourselves off the cliff” everybody loses their minds.

You can’t be upset with Trump while believing Obama did no wrong throughout his Presidency. He destroyed jobs for average Americans, encouraged more citizens to live off welfare, bombed the Middle East every single day of his Presidency (while winning a Nobel Peace Prize, I may add), implemented Obamacare and was a Muslim sympathizer who was soft on terrorism. He put America on a path of self-destruction. Trump didn’t divide America…Obama did.

Ironically, as soon as Trump became President all these metal musicians who claimed to be anti-establishment, suddenly decided to collectively spew garbage about him and turned out to be in complete support of the establishment. These are the same people who had and have nothing to say about any of Obama’s human rights violations as a warmonger.

They criticize Trump for doing and saying the same things that they practice in their own lives. They’re a bunch of hypocrites. Always preaching to others to think for themselves, yet they eat up whatever CNN broadcasts on TV. They’re no different from the Hollywood celebrities they love to bash.

Many of these celebrities go so far as to calling for the President’s assassination. It’s not cool to advocate for the death of anyone who doesn’t deserve it. Trump hasn’t done anything to deserve being killed. He’s just doing his job. Cut him some slack.

These idiots need to tone down their violent fantasies before they encourage someone to do something real stupid. The blood of politicians is already on their hands with the Steve Scalise shooting that occurred recently, which was perpetrated against Republican representatives by a deranged Democrat supporter named, James Hodgkinson (

I can’t take these people seriously. None of them ever bashed Trump prior to him deciding to run as a Republican. It just seems as though anyone who identifies as a Republican or is a right-winger in any form, is somehow the Devil Incarnate.

The left wants it to seem as though every single thing Trump does or says is a controversy that needs to be met with total public outrage. That notion is ridiculous. If everything’s a controversy, then nothing’s a controversy.

He’s been criticized by everyone, to the point where I’m just like, “man he could do something that I might think is kinda bad, but I won’t be bothered by it, because according to the narrative, him simply breathing is the end of days”. They’re too over the top. It’s nauseating. 

As it turns out, the minority of people simply yelled the loudest, while the majority kept to themselves and made their way to the ballot boxes to cast in their votes and helped Trump prevail.

Listen, Trump’s far from perfect. I’m not going to kiss ass and act like he’s some Godly human being. He’s far from it.

He’s been too soft with reforming health care, he needs to get to building the wall already and he shouldn’t be meddling so much in foreign affairs. He should keep to himself and focus on getting this great country back on track.

Aside from those issues, I have to give it to him, he’s hardly been doing a bad job. In fact, he’s doing quite well for somebody who is touted as lacking experience in the world of politics.

We need more people like Trump to get involved in politics. We don’t need career politicians telling us what to do. Successful businessmen and women who know hands on what it takes to succeed is what we need more of.

People with business and creative mindsets will help push us past the crony capitalist loving politicians who earn their millions by ripping off taxpayers and are funded by organizations who seek to garner shadow influence over their bought politicians.

The President needs to continue draining the swamp and not let these snakes get the best of him. He’s been doing a good job of that thus far. The less shady politicians around in Washington, the more power is given back to the people.

We don’t have to praise politicians as heroes who will save us from all of humanity’s problems. They’re just people. They can’t do it all, but they can try to help out. How? Any politician who understands that providing us with more individual freedoms rather than telling us what to do will help make a huge difference for the whole country. Trump’s the start of more politicians providing just that.

Trump had to come in at this time to shake things up. Love him or hate him. He arrived at the right place at the right time and America needed someone like him to alter the political landscape. Politicians will have to take different approaches from now on. He changed the game forever and that’s a good thing.

I think people are so used to being told what to do that when a politician comes along and tells them he’s going to be giving more power back to the everyday regular Joe, people lose their minds. He tells it like it is. “What! No more benefits for everyone? How can that be? What are we gonna do?” Oh, please. Deal with it. You’ll all be fine.

Here’s the thing, people on both the left and right have and always will bitch about whoever’s in charge, but the truth is, your lives won’t change all that much. You’ll make it like you’ve always made it. You’ve gotten this far after all, haven’t you? Just live your life and don’t get hysterical over the “he said, she said” bullshit. The news is just one big melodramatic soap opera, really. Chill out, already.

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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  1. Glad someone is telling it like it is. This was written by well-spoken man who has proven He has done the research. Good luck with Your immigration process by the way! Wishing Christs blessings in Your life. Thanks again!

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