Mom & Dad Don’t Know Best, Government Does!

What do child abuse, transgenderism, tyranny and parenting all have in common? They all have to do with the ridiculous passing of Bill 89 in Ontario, Canada that’s what.

The provincial government of Ontario has passed Bill 89 which gives the state the legal right to take children away from their parents.

In Part V (Child Protection) of Bill 89 where a “child protection worker” (the person commencing child protection proceedings) has the right to place “a child into the care and custody of a child welfare authority or other person named in the order”.

In part 74 (1.3) it goes on to state reasons for intercepting a child from its parents/caregivers including this one specifically including gender identity as a valid reason to do so:

(c) consider any other circumstance of the case that the person considers relevant, including; (iii) the child’s race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, family diversity, disability, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression(

The bill isn’t about helping kids, it’s about government taking away the freedoms of the individual through identity politics.

What if a kid who announced themselves as transgender doesn’t even know what transgenderism is? Kids are innocent and their imaginations run wild all the time. They’re politicizing the naivety of children for political gain.

The government of Ontario is infringing on the rights of the majority for the sake of appeasing the minority fringe group. They’re taking advantage of people’s emotions to garner support.

In this case, the’re using the transgender community. Specifically “transgender children”. Any state that comes up with ridiculous excuses to take away children from families is flat-out tyrannical.

The Ontario Liberal Party makes their intentions clear: they don’t care for the individual rights of their citizens.

They want to instill fear and prevent parents from doing what’s right. Parents have enough to worry about. Politicians shouldn’t be meddling so much with personal affairs. They need to stay out of it.

They’re essentially forcing parents to enable their children’s problems or face losing their children entirely.

Politicians try to convince us that they know what’s best for us and our kids. They don’t. Parents know what’s best for their own kids.

Government shouldn’t be enabling kids to tell their parents how they should be raised. It’s a sick and twisted agenda that they’re pushing and it’s wrong.

A four year old shouldn’t be given the choice to make life-altering decisions for themselves just because they feel like it. Justly telling your kid “no, you’re wrong” isn’t abuse. It’s good parenting.

You know what abuse is?

A kid getting beaten everyday to the point where bruises are visible. A child who is molested or raped by a family member behind closed doors. A kid who hasn’t had a decent meal in weeks. That’s abuse.

A kid isn’t being abused when their parent tells them they can’t have a fidget spinner.

In that same regard, a boy isn’t being abused when his parents have the common sense to tell him he isn’t a girl. When did that ever stop being the obvious?

I say to hell with childless politicians like premier Kathleen Wynne implementing policies that cause the further destruction of the traditional family unit. It’s all bullshit.

Listen, the whole concept of transgenderism among children is outrageous to begin with as I’ve previously mentioned in my article, Transgenderism: A Disturbing Social Experiment.

I mean, how can a child who hasn’t gone through puberty possibly understand what it’s like to be a man or a woman if they have yet to experience the full bodily functions of their gender?

I believe there’s a rise in kids being transgender because these kids see it as a way to draw attention to themselves.

Something as deranged as transgenderism has turned into a glorified social fad and politicized as a social weapon. With all the media attention it gets, kids sadly think it’s cool.

All it takes is one child to announce themselves as transgender, then the entire classroom goes ahead and follows suit.

We’re social beings after all. You either fit in or be ridiculed as the outcast.

Let’s get one thing straight, transgenderism is nothing more than a dissociative fixation.

These people are fixated on an idea that is out of touch from reality. It’s all in their heads.

Well, what can be done?

We all know that gay conversion therapy doesn’t work. You can’t shock the gay out of people.

With that in mind, why do people believe injecting hormones and going through extensive surgeries will help those suffering from gender dysphoria feel better?

Want to know the solution? The solution is not giving into all this nonsense.

Here’s the thing, telling your son he isn’t a girl isn’t child abuse. Abuse is making him take hormone blockers so that he can pretend to be a girl and stop being a boy. Yet it’s somehow politically incorrect to say these things.

What happened to loving yourself the way you are? If gender’s a spectrum, why does it even matter what gender you were born into?

Is being straight or gay not edgy enough anymore? Do we all have to be walking freakazoids in order to fit in with modern social standards?

The real abuse is enabling someone’s mental disorder and allowing them to physically harm  themselves.

When people are depressed and suicidal, we don’t hand them the tools to cause themselves further harm, we help them seek the appropriate psychological help that they need.

But is there a way to truly cure transgenderism? I don’t believe there is or ever will be.

It’s a mental health issue. It isn’t something that can be surgically fixed or can go away by simply taking medication.

Like depression, it’s a battle that needs to be fought on a daily basis.

What’s so dangerous about accepting transgenderism as a mainstream social concept is that we are encouraging these people to worsen their condition rather than get better. We’re going through ideological warfare and our politicians are dividing us through it.

That’s what politicians want. They want to put us in corners and break us. The left uses special victim groups as political shields all the time. We can’t criticize them, because we’ll be touted as bigots for disagreeing.

They don’t want us to defend ourselves and stray away from their end goals. They want us to submit and go along with it, but I’m not buying any of it.

Bottom line is, Bill 89 isn’t about defending transgender rights. It’s about tearing families apart. It’s government finding yet another way to forcefully impose their twisted values on us.

In sacrificing the rights of the many in order to protect the rights of the few, we’re slowly but surely allowing tyranny to crawl its way into our lives. Canadians be warned…if you don’t fight for your rights soon, you won’t have any left to fight for.

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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