MetalSucks is Fake News Run by Pedophiles

MetalSucks co-founder, Vince Neilstein and his team began running a smear campaign labeling me as being transphobic and hateful. Strong words that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Their site promotes gossip and is fueled by drama. For whatever reason, they have chosen me as their latest target. I openly welcome being their new Public Enemy Number One. If it’s a war of words they want, it’s a war of words they’re going to get.

That being said, I’m responsible and accountable for my words and actions, not my band, not my band mates and not anyone else, but me.

I launched The RANTidote to give myself a platform where I can independently promote and express my ideas without being censored by anyone. I don’t need to wait for interviews to express my beliefs. I can express them immediately through social media and my own platform. The internet transcends the need for a middleman.

However, all bands, whether new or old, still rely on objective journalists to promote new music and upcoming tours. Just as journalists rely on musicians to provide them with content to write about. The problem with certain journalists is that they value their egos more than their integrity, which causes their political bias to extend into their work and objective reporting gets lost.

There’s nothing wrong with journalists criticizing artists and bands. However, if criticism is given, there must be valid arguments for said criticism. Name-calling and acting holier than thou doesn’t make anybody right. Valid points in arguments do.

Vince Neilstein, co-founder of MetalSucks wrote an emotionally-charged piece on two previous articles that I had written for The RANTidote, titled “Stuck Mojo Frontman Rails on Transgender People and Abortions on New Blog” (

Allow me to respond to his criticisms and accusations:

Vince begins his piece with: “In Fonts’ most recent article, “Transgenderism: A Disturbing Social Experiment” the singer claims that all transgendered people are suffering from mental illness and should be treated as such, instead of being indulged with federal laws that protect them”.

First off, my article on transgenderism wasn’t my most recent one. It was published on March March 21st. My most recent article was Pro-Choice Means No Choice at All, published on April 4th. If you’re going to be a journalist, at least get your facts straight. You can start by finding the correct publishing dates.  

Secondly, my article wasn’t a piece railing against transgender people. It was a piece railing on government enforcing transgender laws onto children. Vince portrayed me as being a bigot by taking my words out of context and omitting key points to my arguments in his article.

How about next time, you provide the full context instead of cherry picking sentences for the sole purpose of painting me as the bad guy? Vince fully knows that reader’s attention spans are minimal while browsing headlines and he takes advantage of this to manipulate their emotions.

I’m not doubling down from what I said in the  past. So if I didn’t make it obvious in my prior articles, here’s more on my thoughts about transgender and abortion issues:

Yes, I refer to transgenderism as a mental illness. It is one. That doesn’t mean that I am hateful towards people who are trans. I actually feel sympathy and care about their well-being. If I state that someone has cancer, does this mean I hate them? Absolutely not. So does genuinely being concerned about others make me a bigot?

If someone is an adult and wants to pretend to be the opposite gender, that’s on them. If that’s what they really want to do, then fine. My whole point was that children should not be involved with anything that has to do with transgenderism. They’re too young to make life-altering decisions at that age. Period.

These are all key points that Vince left out of his piece about me, describing me as someone “extending into the territory of bigotry and hatred”, instead of someone who is compassionate. I kept my arguments grounded by facts and science. The problem with leftists like Vince is that opinions are facts and facts are opinions to them.

Vince continues with: “Because we all know how well gay conversion therapy works, why wouldn’t transgender reversion therapy work too?

I never mentioned anything about conversion or reversion therapy as he accused me of. This is the first instance of him using a straw man argument against me. He responds several times throughout the article with “counterarguments” to points that I hadn’t made to begin with.

He either did this because he didn’t actually read my article or he simply doesn’t understand what I’m writing about.

Going back to my articles…here are the facts. According to the Williams Institute, the transgender population is less than 1% of the population in the U.S (

Why did Vince emphasize on the transgender issue in which he defends the 1% of people who I may or may not have offended, while completely ignoring and being okay with the fact that from 1973 through 2011, nearly 53 million legal abortions occurred in the U.S according to the Guttmacher Institute (

That’s 53 million unborn lives lost, due to abortion in the U.S. alone, that Vince has no sympathy for. According to him and his obsessive defence of the transgender movement, he makes it clear that feelings matter more than lives.

Concerning my stance on the pro-choice movement, Vince writes: “An anti-abortion article entitled “Pro-Choice Means No Choice At All” starts with the following line: “Feminist women parade the streets championing their abortions and the right to have one.” Fonts then proceeds to trot out the old “Planned Parenthood sells dead baby parts for profit” line (complete with a well-sourced Fox News link!)”.

Vince mocks my citing of Fox News, while failing to realize the irony in that his website MetalSucks is fake news. A biased and unqualified source itself. There’s no journalistic integrity from anyone who works there. They are the TMZ of the metal world.

Their biggest hits come from posting controversial click-bait articles bashing artists they disagree with or dislike. How many hits do their actual reports on music, reviews, interviews, and tour and album announcements really get in comparison to all the slander they post?

Vince goes on to write: “Well then. Guess we should all just fuck like rabbits until the world is overrun with little dipshits who believe in an invisible man in the sky who judges all of our actions”.

Again, another straw man argument. I never mentioned that anyone should be overtly promiscuous in my article on abortion. In fact, I state the opposite. People need to abstain from having sex if they do not have the means to practice it safely, in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies and prevent abortions from occurring to begin with.

Yet another example of him having zero journalistic integrity. Also, is it just me or was Vince trying to bash Christians or Muslims here? Making fun of those who believe in an invisible man in the sky sounds bigoted to me. I’m surprised he didn’t trigger himself with that one.

Vince creepily referred to my sex life by throwing in: “…and demonstrates his extremely repressed sexuality thusly”.

This is just another instance of childish name-calling and unjustified personal attacks. For the record, I’m more than happy and grateful for my fiancé and all we have. I don’t need to defend or openly express my sexuality. What we have is between her and I.

People don’t need to be parading their sexuality on the streets. By doing so, you’re no longer keeping your relationship or sexuality personal, you’re publicly inviting the world to become a part of it. Therefore, the world has a right to criticize you for it. Just as anyone has the right to disagree with and criticize me for stating my opinions.

Vince passionately summarized: “Fonts’ blog is an embarrassment to our entire community, and I’m ashamed to have ever supported this band in any way (their early work was pioneering in the development of the rap metal scene). Label me an SJW, a virtue-signaller, whatever the fuck you want… at least I support people living the lives of the gender they identify with, and women making their own choices over their bodies”.

How arrogant of you to think that you have that much influence? First off, Vince. Get off your high horse. You’re not a metal musician. You’re a terrible journalist and a shitty blogger. You have no right to speak for an entire community of unique individual thinkers.

There isn’t anything metal or rock-n-roll about the regurgitated bullshit and mindless conformity that you shove down everyone’s throats as if you even know what you’re talking about. You’re everything metal is not. 

Vince’s hit piece on my band and I did not contain any valid arguments or sources. He called me names, mocked my sex life, and called for an entire group of people to boycott and hate me, while knowing nothing about me and failing to include any substance or validity in any of his points. I criticized mainstream thoughts and ideas with facts and statistics, all Vince did was make asinine remarks attacking my personal character.

You said it yourself, Vince. You are a Social Justice Warrior and a virtue-signaller. You supporting those who identify as the gender they are not isn’t actually helping them. It’s not solving their problems, it’s facilitating them. You supporting women who abort their babies doesn’t make you a champion for women, it makes you an accomplice to murder. With beliefs such as yours, you have no moral high ground and no right to tell anyone right from wrong.

Let’s do things your way for a second. Since you’re so passionate about the trans community, let me ask you the following questions:

Have you ever dated a trans person before? Would you, if you had the chance, go on a date with one? Would you engage in romantic relations with a trans person? If you answered no to any of these questions, why not? And if so, does this not make you transphobic yourself?

See when things are taken out of context, you can say anything about anyone and appear to be right. Context matters. The truth is, Vince is a hypocrite who doesn’t really give a shit about the truth or the trans community. He cares about himself and stroking his own self-righteous ego, while talking down to artists who actually have something meaningful to say. He’s a disgrace to journalism.

To further my point that Vince has no arguments on transgenderism or abortion, he went off-topic and resorted to taking shots at my former band, Hasta La Muerte stating: “For what it’s worth, this is Fonts’ old band (or perhaps still current, who cares) Apparently he has no problem objectifying women for gain in his band’s videos, but when it comes to respecting their wishes to control their own bodies that’s just too much to ask!

This is a completely irrelevant and off-topic accusation to delegitimize my beliefs. Let me explain the context of Hasta La Muerte’s Pour Anotha Shot music video. The song’s lyrics mockingly point out the hypocrisy in liberal metal bands who portray themselves as great people, yet constantly party and act inappropriately. The video itself parodied the ridiculousness of modern hip-hop videos.

We hired and paid a hard-working woman who willingly chose to act in a music video that portrayed slightly sexual content. The actress and our band have full respect for one another. Let’s make it clear that she was not and did not feel degraded by working for us.

She was not objectified, if anything, she should be seen as the co-star and an equal to the band itself. For someone playing the I care so much about women & their rights card, Vince sure knows how to devalue actresses who choose to use their bodies in visually provocative ways.  

Our video was made with the intention to make people laugh and be entertained. When it comes down to it, we’re simply entertainers who played our parts and had a good time doing it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yes, we filmed the video with sexual content for the sole purpose of generating more views and interest for our band’s debut song. We knew with today’s sensitive climate that it would offend people and generate a bit of controversy. It was an easy way to call attention towards us and it did.

I ended up being discovered by Rich Ward and joined my current band, Stuck Mojo because of that video. At the time, MetalSucks consequently provided us with an audience of triggered metalheads who gave us over 30,000 views within a few days. I played them then with Hasta and I’ve played them yet again with my site The RANTidote.

If you thought a joke video that I created in the past would assassinate my character, you were wrong. Truth is, I’d rather portray a douchebag than actually be a douchebag like yourself, Vince.

If people really are who they portray themselves to be through their art, does this mean that all death metal artists dig up graves at night? Of course not. So if countless metal bands can portray brutal murder scenes and content in their songs and music videos without any so-called metalheads getting offended, why is a woman dancing around in revealing clothes so offensive?

When Mastodon released their music video for “The Motherload”, Vince and his co-worker Axl Rosenberg had no problem with them objectifying women. MetalSucks did not write one single piece criticizing them for it…but my unsigned and unknown band portraying similar content, to a much lesser degree, made us chauvinists who objectify women? Here’s proof of their biased reporting:

Mastodon’s a killer band that puts out phenomenal content. I have no problem with them releasing sexually-tinged videos. The individual and the art he or she creates are not one and the same. We can enjoy someone’s art without caring about their personal beliefs or opinions and vice versa. For example, I can enjoy watching slasher films without personally advocating murder.

Also, I would have imagined that a person like Vince would find a sexually-explicit video and song like Pour Anotha Shot appealing, but no, a woman dancing in skimpy clothing is more offensive to him than his own partner and co-founder of MetalSucks Axl Rosenberg allegedly advocating pedophilia in this relatively unknown May 18th, 2011 interview he did with Carlos Ramirez for Noisecreep (

When asked why the two blog founders of MetalSucks post under their aliases, Axl responded with:

A lot of people think it’s so we can do undercover investigative journalism and express our honest opinions without fear or reprisal, but that’s not true at all. It’s just that if the father of a fourteen year old girl you met at Avenged Sevenfold show is looking for you, and he thinks your name is “Axl Rosenberg,” it’s going to be a lot harder for him to track you down”.

Axl reiterated this sentiment yet again in a MetalSucks article ironically titled, “Seems Like A Good Plan to Me“, released later that same year on November 29th, writing: “If there’s one lesson that we try to impart to our beloved readers here at MetalSucks, it’s that you should always use a fake name when sleeping with underage girls so their fathers/the authorities can’t find you later” (

Axl publicly implied that the reasoning for he and Vince maintaining anonymity is to sleep with underage girls and get away from dealing with the consequences of statutory rape.

If any of these accusations that I’m bringing forth against them are true, these two need to be outed out as the scumbags that they are and called out on it by others in the metal community.

Even if these statements were meant as a joke, there’s nothing funny about sleeping around with underage children. It’s disgusting and pathetic. What’s your excuse for this one, boys?

Let me get this straight…one of the co-founders openly insinuates that they both sleep around with underage girls, yet Vince has the audacity to virtue signal me and his entire audience? These pedophiles can criticize others all they like, they have no right to dictate me or anyone else right from wrong.

Vince hypocritically ends his piece by stating: “And this will be the final time you ever see Stuck Mojo covered on MetalSucks. Goodbye”.

Oh, please. Your piece about me was the most engaging one you put out that week and will possibly be the only relevant piece you post all month. You’re not going to continue to post about Stuck Mojo?

Bullshit. You guys are going to post about my band and I every chance you get from here on out. Yet again on April 10th, before I had a chance to post this response you mentioned my bands and I again. Way to keep your word, guys.

I dare the folks at MetalSucks to re-post this piece word-for-word. They won’t. The best they can do is name-call, cry like a bunch of babies, take words out of context, manipulate their audience into being outraged and heavily rely on straw man arguments to make their points, because they do not have any arguments to begin with.

Since Vince and Axl think they know it all, I’ll end this piece by issuing an open challenge to them and MetalSucks. I’ll debate either of you two (or both of you) on any social topic that you would like to discuss. Let me know a time and place. If you guys aren’t locked up and charged for pedophilia before then, let’s make it happen. What do you guys say?

Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

4 thoughts on “MetalSucks is Fake News Run by Pedophiles”

  1. God forbid people have any differing opinions these days. There is plenty of conversation to be had on these issues and more, and thank you for being brave enough to go there. This left leaning self righteousness is every bit as toxic for humanity as Richard Spencer and his ilk. And what people like Vince don’t realize is that they are actively running more people in that direction by denying them a seat at the table. Or perhaps more accurately, they give them a seat at the table, but proceed to berate and demean them for the entire dinner like some Hollywood portrayal of a drunk stepfather. They’re the new Tipper Gores.

  2. Thank you for writing this. As a huge metal fan, MetalSucks is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE to anyone who believes in freedom for the individual, let alone metal fans. They’re a disgrace to metal itself.

  3. Wow this is amazing I’m inspired because I fucking always hated “METAL SUCKS” They fucking suck and they should be run out of the fucking scene. We should just harass them until they finally leave everyone alone. Too bad I was 3 years late to see this but people should just finally run these fuckers out.

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