Let’s Get Real About Islam

Imagine a world where you have your life threatened at concerts. A world where you can’t enjoy a nice meal on a date at a restaurant. A time where you fear for your life by taking a simple stroll on the street as a pedestrian. This life of fear is the world that radical Islamist terrorists want us to live in.

Terrorists Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and  a 3rd unidentified man plowed over bystanders with a van on London Bridge and began stabbing people in restaurants in the nearby Borough Market (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06/03/london-bridge-everything-know-far/).

Prior to the attack, authorities were aware that Butt was linked to radical Islamist groups and known for expressing extremist sentiment.  With that in mind, you have to wonder why his ass wasn’t sent back to the desert or hauled off to prison?

How many terror attacks have to happen before everyone can admit that Islam IS the problem?

Why are public figures so afraid to take a stand against it? Ariana Grande justifiably had more than enough cause to criticize Islam, but instead she gave the same old tired “peace and love, let’s all come together” response that hasn’t got us anywhere. You don’t bring flowers to a gunfight. You bring bigger guns than your enemies have.

Ariana put on a benefit show for the victims of the terror attack at her show. Kudos to her for doing that, but artists shouldn’t have to put on benefit concerts for terrorist victims to begin with.

You want to make a real difference, Ariana? Then speak out against Islam before more people get hurt.

If all you do is react instead of prevent, you aren’t helping anyone… you’re asking for this kind of horror to happen again.

A big problem with the Islamic faith is that it’s never evolved. While every other major religion around the world has progressively become moderate in one way or another, Islam hasn’t.

One of the more barbaric aspects of their beliefs is the practice of “Honor Killings”. An honor killing is when a family member feels disrespected by the actions of another relative and kills them as a means to restore honor to their family name.

A tragic story concerning honor killings has stuck with me after all these years. The Shafia family murders that happened back in June of 2009 in Ontario, Canada. The Shafia sisters, Sahar, Zainab and Geeti were murdered by their father Mohammed, his wife Tooba and their brother Hamed.

The trio attempted to make their deaths look as though the girls were involved in a fatal car accident. They were proven guilty and are currently rotting behind bars (http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/shafia-parents-and-son-convicted-in-honour-killing-of-four-family-members-seek-new-trial).

That type of shit shouldn’t be happening in Canada. Women deserve to be treated equally and with respect. Their families shouldn’t be killing them, just because they want to wear makeup and have boyfriends their parents don’t approve of. It’s 2017, we aren’t living in the Dark Ages anymore.

Why is it so difficult for Muslims to assimilate to our liberal and progressive ways? Well, it’s a political cult based on totalitarian control. They want their followers to submit. They don’t want anyone to think for themselves.

Why do you think they have so many strict rules that they must follow or face severe punishment for failing to do so?

How can you expect people who live under such conditions all their lives to suddenly embrace the freedom of the western world?

I get it, your beliefs are insane and you fear your religion and its followers so much, that you have no choice but to submit to the insanity or suffer the consequences.

I got news for you. If you are in America and are legally allowed to be here, you have rights. Let the proper authorities know what’s going on and get help.

Let go of your old ways. Anyone who wants to move to a different country in hopes of becoming a citizen or permanent resident must respect the laws, values and culture of the country they are moving to. Period. Don’t like it? Stay where you are.

Unfortunately, many of these Muslim immigrants refuse to respect our values. At the same time, they’re more than willing to embrace the benefits Western countries have to offer. In fact, they tend to take advantage of welfare systems and our political correctness allows them to do so.

Instead of feeling the need to work or educate themselves in the countries they immigrate to they collect welfare benefits, because they consider it “jizya”. Jizya is a tax on non-Muslims for living on Muslim land.

To Muslims, all land belongs to them. Even if they aren’t the natives of that land, they believe they are entitled to rule the entire world.

They believe that financial handouts from non-Muslims is their right. They don’t care to contribute anything positive to the countries they move to. They want to destroy them from within by causing division and chaos.

Which brings us to the primary goal of Islam…the Muslim Caliphate. The Caliphate seeks to convert everyone to Islam. That’s nothing but bad news for anyone who appreciates freedom.

If leftists actually informed themselves and truly understood what Islam was all about, they wouldn’t be defending Muslims the way they do. They have nothing in common with your values. Open your eyes already.

For the sake of not being called racists, people would rather have more Muslim immigration than halt immigration and prevent potential terrorists from entering their countries.

Leftists are more concerned about not offending the feelings of Muslims, instead of seeking justice for those who lost their lives due to Islamist extremism. That’s a bunch of bullshit. Everyone against their point of view is deemed a racist or a bigot. You know what a true bigot is? Someone who turns a blind eye to true evil.

You don’t get to claim victim status after people of your faith continuously murder innocents on a regular basis in the name of your religion.

You are the ones victimizing people, not the other way around. You hate all the hate you get? Tell your fellow Mosque goers to stop blowing themselves and the innocent people around them up. Enough’s enough…it’s Open Season.

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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