It Ain’t Punk…It’s Bullshit

The principal ideology of punk is based on freedom and liberation. It’s supposed to be about a community of people that don’t want government telling them how to live their lives. Ironically, punk bands of today fight for politicians to have even more control over people.

Many of these modern hardcore and punk bands are far from being true punk. They’re nothing but puppets for the establishment itself. They push their radical leftist ideas onto their listeners, primarily young people, who inevitably end up believing and practicing the progressive values preached by their favorite artists as I’ve previously discussed here.

Bands like Rage Against The Machine, Green Day and Stray From the Path fall under this phony punk category by acting as if they’re edgy and rebellious activists. They’re not activists, they’re glorified commie salesmen who sell totalitarian values by packaging them under the guise of punk.

Take a look at this ridiculous video, titled “Goodnight Alt-Right” ( by Stray From The Path that portrays an everyday Trump supporter as a closeted racist who gets tortured by tolerant leftists.

A bunch of dudes who are anti-police, anti-capitalist, heavily believe in socialism, are overtly anti-Trump and downright anti-American. Yet they hypocritically continue to prosper and live right here in America, the very country they claim is so awful. What a bunch of twats.

That’s not being punk, that’s being a puppet. You aren’t raging against the machine or straying from the path. You oil the very machine you claim to rage against and encourage others to follow you down that same path of submission to the politicians you worship.

You’d think that all these punks would be all over someone who isn’t a career politician, trying to fight the establishment and using slogans like “draining the swamp” to get rid of corrupt politicians that have been holding onto their positions in Washington for years.

Nope. They can’t stand a guy like Trump. When it comes down to it, their disdain for wealthy and successful people is greater than their hatred for the people who actually make their lives more difficult, their elected representatives.

Political parties aren’t sports teams. You don’t go rooting for them during election time as if you’re watching the Super Bowl. They’re here to serve us.

Stop acting as if politicians can save us from all our problems. They can’t and they won’t. If anything, they burden us more than they do us any good.

Am I fan of Trump? Absolutely not. I didn’t give a shit about him before he got into politics and I don’t glorify the guy now either. But I will say this, he isn’t doing a bad job, so quit your unjustified hysteria and give the guy a break.

You bad mouthing the President 24/7 doesn’t affect him, if anything, all you’re doing is pissing off all the people around you who voted for the guy in the first place, because of your crybaby childish behavior!

Wah wah boo-hoo. Keep on crying us rivers. You have a billionaire who freely speaks his mind as your President, deal with it. Be thankful he literally isn’t Hitler, Castro or Joseph freakin’ Stalin.

Truth is, it’s the politicians screwing us over with their ridiculous taxes and regulations that prevent people like you and I, the working class and small business entrepreneurs from climbing further up the mountain. They don’t want anyone else at the top with them. Trump doesn’t care for that, he’s always been at the top. He has no need to cheat taxpayers out of their dollars.

So why are leftists so insistent on voting for politicians who campaign big-government policies?  What are all these so-called punks raging against? Blue collar workers? You and I? It would appear to be so.

They prefer phony career politicians who tell them whatever it is they want to hear, while giving them just enough to keep them satisfied as they take away more of their rights without them realizing it. They admire any politician who appeases some marginalized group. To them, it’s all about the vague and unrealistic notion of equality.

Equality’s bullshit. There’s no such thing. Life’s unfair and you just have to deal with it. You shouldn’t be relying on anyone else to take care of you. It’s called being a God damned adult. Take care of yourself already.

Ever hear about a poor man offering you a job with a decent salary? Me neither. Rich people aren’t the enemy, folks. In fact, the very wealthy offer countless people jobs that enable them to make a living and support their families. Just think of all the people who work for McDonald’s or Walmart. That’s plenty of mouths being fed by those two corporations alone.

Money isn’t the root of all evil. Money and the free market is what liberates people. It provides you with the freedom to go places, invest in yourself and have fun.

I don’t need government telling me how to raise my family. I don’t need government enforcing my kids what to learn at school and I certainly don’t need government to tell me how to live my life and run my business.

If government has more of a say and control over your life than you do, then you inherently have less freedom. So if you claim to be punk yet support politicians who push for bigger government, you’re really just a tool.

The leftist musicians who are extremely wealthy from their music, yet continue to preach down to others about politics are the biggest hypocrites of them all.

Your socialist/anti-capitalist ideas didn’t bring you success. Your fans, your record label and your right to freedom of speech made you what you are. Ideals that hardworking and patriotic Americans fight for everyday are what brought all of yous success.

If these bands truly believe in what they preach, they need to start practicing their beliefs. If America’s so terrible and intolerant, why don’t you guys move on down to Cuba or Venezuela or wherever you think your ideal liberal utopia land is?

You won’t. ‘Cause let’s face it, America and your record label provided you with the opportunity to make an incredible living off of your musical talents. You know how great you have it here, yet you continue to cry to your fans how oppressed you and Americans are. Hypocrites.

They’re the same people telling you how selling out sucks and corporations are bad for you, yet they’re signed to major labels and they exploit their fans with messages of rebellion and sticking up for the little man, all the while cozying up to the businessmen who fund their great big charade.

I have no problem with selling out. I’d imagine that’s the end goal of any band. Selling out of records, merch and shows, that’s every musician’s dream. We should be cheering on our favorite artists when they reach higher levels of success and are lucky enough to get to that point.

A musician’s level of success is not what I’m bothered by. What bothers me is that there are people out there who are selling the idea that capitalism is terrible, the President is a vile tyrant and America sucks, while being prime examples of capitalism doing wonders for their lives and showing the world that America is indeed the land of opportunity. Cut the crap and pay your respects already. This country is great.

God Bless America!

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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