Is Canada Still “Glorious and Free”?

God keep our land glorious and free. That is an iconic message from the Canadian national anthem. No matter what political party is in power, that is a message that should be applied at all times. The Liberal Party of Canada would however like to tell its citizens otherwise.

Liberal MP Iqra Khalid pushed for a new bill to be passed by the House of Commons in Canada with Bill M-103. As reported by Global News, the new legislation added to the Criminal Code of Canada vaguely calls on the government to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination”:

Condemn Islamophobia? This broad and vague definition means that even justly criticizing the politics of Islam and denouncing terrorism could be considered hate speech. Anyone who disregards this law may potentially face imprisonment.

It should be noted that the bill is a blasphemy law that does not protect any other religion in Canada besides Islam. Islamophobia is mentioned, but there is no mention of any other anti-religious sentiment towards any other faith except for Islam.

Why are Canadian MPs proposing bills that protect a group of people who in many cases deserve to face criticism in the first place? The answer is they want to scare their own citizens and silence anyone who disagrees with them.

Even former Muslims who fled their countries in hopes of finding better lives for themselves in the West may face persecution from Bill M-103 for speaking against Islam. Watch and listen to this personal account from Sandra Solomon, a former Muslim:

Islamophobia is not a phobia. Phobias are irrational fears. There is nothing irrational about being concerned about a culture that promotes violence, brutality, terrorism, and treats their women and children poorly. It’s the complete opposite of Western culture.

March 22nd, 2017 in London, England on Westminster Bridge, a Muslim man mowed down innocent people with his car and stabbed and killed a police officer before being shot. The perpetrator was radicalized by Islam and said to be a “Soldier of ISIS”:

A would-be terrorist attack in Antwerp, Belgium was stopped by police on March 23rd, 2017, just a day after the attack in London took place, as the wannabe terrorist Mohamed R. attempted to plow through a crowd of people with his vehicle:

Oh, and have Canadians already forgotten the terrorist attack that happened on Canadian soil at Canada’s National War Memorial in Ottawa in 2014, when Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was “murdered in cold blood” ? Here’s CNN’s report on the Canadian terrorist attack:

The truth is the majority of terrorist attacks that have occurred around the world in the modern day have been perpetrated by Muslims. With the recent terrorist attacks in Britain and Belgium occurring just last week, why would the Canadian government pass this bill?

Muslims have been using the left and multiculturalism as a social shield for far too long. Time and time again they are the perpetrators of unspeakable acts of violence here in Canada and across the globe, yet they somehow manage to play the victims.

But those examples are only extreme cases with radicals, you Islamophobe”! Wrong.

There have been numerous cases of Imams preaching messages of hatred to “moderates” here on Canadian soil in mosques across the country as well. An Imam in Montreal calling for the killing of Jews:

Does this hate speech not warrant criticism? Where are the laws against Imams preaching this kind of hate? Where does the line get drawn? If we can’t criticize an ideology that justly deserves criticism, what other freedoms will they take away from us next?

If Muslims are the primary victim group that are being protected and defended here in Canada, then what does that mean for Canada’s gay community and its women?

It’s no secret that homosexuals are improperly treated in Muslim countries. WARNING: The following link contains disturbing images of gays getting thrown off buildings in Islamic countries:

How is an ideology that hates homosexuals and women so much supposed to coincide within a country that embraces those groups? The answer is clear: the Liberal Government does not care about women or homosexuals, they care more about appeasing Muslims instead.

A recent poll from the National Post suggests that Canadians would not have voted in favor of bill M-103:

Why are bills that limit free speech to such an extreme not being consulted with the majority of Canadians? If politicians continuously pass freedom-reducing bills on a whim, are we really free to begin with?

By defending a group of people who seek to destroy us from within under the guise of victimhood and the protection of far-Left ideologies and concepts like Islamophobia, we are submitting to their demands and allowing them to get their way.

Bills like Bill M-103 are nothing more than the seemingly innocent baby steps towards a far more sinister end goal:

The Liberal government is slowly pushing tyranny. Before we know it Sharia Law will eventually be introduced into Canada, first within Muslim communities and then eventually amongst all Canadians.

What is Sharia Law? Sharia Law dictates how all Muslims should live their lives. It includes ritual practices of prayer, dietary restrictions excluding pork and alcohol, practices of polygyny and women having significantly less rights than men.

Disobeying Sharia Law results in severe punishments such as the barbaric practice of stoning and in many cases, death.

Don’t be surprised if follow up bills begin to include aspects of Sharia Law into the Canadian Charter of Human Rights, which once passed will essentially erase all human rights in Canada. Sharia Law is nothing but complete submission. The blueprints for a dictatorship.

How do we prevent tyranny from taking over? We talk about it every chance we get. If you believe in freedom and enjoy life as you know it, you will join me in speaking up against this bill and will criticize evil when it’s just to criticize it.

Political correctness gets people killed. This is not the time to be politically correct or worry about people’s feelings. Bill M-103 is a threat to freedom in Canada itself and it’s just the beginning. It’s time that we as Canadians take a stand, defend our Western values and protect our liberty.

Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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