Happiness Isn’t a Given

You know what’s causing so many people to feel so depressed and miserable? Ironically, it’s this idea that everyone should be happy. As if happiness is something that everyone is entitled to. Life isn’t about feeling happy 24/7, it’s about living it. Life comes with a wide gambit of emotions, not just happiness. It’s a package, so deal with it.

People want to feel good at all times. They live for immediate gratification. They can’t prolong their desires. Their feelings must be catered to and cared for at all times. That’s not how the world works.

Life would end up being pretty dreary and boring if it was always sunshine and rainbows. We’d eventually lose appreciation for the sun if it never rained. That’s what’s happening with Westerners and Americans in how they view their countries…no appreciation.  

We have it so good here that we’ve forgotten what real struggles. Many feel the need to create imaginary struggles and bad guys to blame and that’s the premise of “Social Justice” itself. It’s a movement based on nothingness. Being a victim for the sake of being a victim and nothing more.

If these people spent half their energy at a job instead of recklessly protesting the streets over stupidity, perhaps they wouldn’t feel so pathetic about themselves.

What happened to making a living? Earning what you have? Making sacrifices to reach your goals?

We’ve been conditioned to live selfishly. It’s easy to take, but it’s another to give. If you want to give, you should have the right to choose to give, government or outsiders shouldn’t be forcing you to provide for anyone else against your will.

It’s not selfish to say no. Some people don’t deserve sympathy. They bring misfortune upon themselves.

I know countless people living off of welfare who have no business being on welfare to begin with. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with attitude. They are completely healthy and young adults who simply choose not to work for their own money. It’s sad, pathetic and disheartening to imagine that this is the future of America.

Why should I or anyone else who works hard for their money be supporting those who leech off of others and abuse a system meant to be a temporary bridge during tough times.

Welfare shouldn’t be something that generations of people live off of without ever working a day in their lives. That’s complete bullshit.

It’s selfish to be relying on others to take care of you when you are fully capable of taking care of yourself. I’m obviously not talking about children, people with genuine disabilities or senior citizens here, that’s a whole other discussion. Don’t get it twisted.

It’s not selfish to look after yourself and your family’s best interest. In fact, if everyone took care of themselves and their families, the need for charity itself would be nonexistent.

Weak people letting themselves and the ones they care about down is what causes people to be placed on welfare and seek charity in the first place.

It starts with you. Take care of yourself and the people around you first, then you can worry about the welfare of others if you’d like.

We’ve been brought up with this me me me culture. It’s not about doing what’s right anymore,it’s about doing what’s convenient and “what makes you happy”.

Let’s talk about the idea of happiness…

Allow me to quote Pastor Gary Lamb who heads Action Church  down in Canton, Georgia. He once said this and it’s something I now tell myself every single day when I need to remind myself to get over myself: “God doesn’t want you to pursue happiness, he wants you to pursue him”.

What does pursuing God mean exactly? It means to be the best that you can be. It means being a better person. It means taking what you have and making the best out of your situation.

Be someone that others appreciate. Do your best to live a sinless life. Nobody’s perfect and everyone struggles with their demons, but you can’t use your problems as excuses to justify your faults. Work at overcoming them and have faith in yourself and those around you.

You can’t lack faith and simultaneously expect to find happiness along the way. Doing so is living a lie. You’ll spend your whole life trying to fill a void that won’t ever be filled. Nihilism destroys your mindset and kills your mood.

I don’t believe a person can be whole without a belief and trust in God. Take it however you want, when it comes down to it, faith means not giving up. Not giving up on yourself, on others and your goals. It means to keep on pushing forward no matter what.

God to me is positive energy. God is life. You feel God the moment you wake up every morning. Every time you breathe. Anytime you feel any kind of emotion. When you interact with others or the world around you. That’s God right there.

When you hold your newborn baby for the first time, that’s a gift from God. When you hold your loved one in your arms and feel at peace, that’s God providing comfort. When you say goodbye to a loved one for the last time as they take their last breath, that’s God showing you the value of life. When you suffer and feel pain, that is God teaching you to appreciate the things you have and to value good health. Be grateful for all these lessons.

If there’s a God, why does he allow bad stuff to happen around the world? Here’s the thing, God doesn’t owe us shit. He’s God. The ultimate Conservative. He doesn’t need to take care of us, we have free will so that we can take care of ourselves.

It’s people doing shitty things to other people causing problems around the world, not God. What we make of our choices determines if we are good or bad people. You either follow God’s path in righteousness or follow the path of the Devil by committing sin and being tempted by evil.

I don’t believe that life is meaningless. Everyone does have a purpose. How significant their lives are as a whole is irrelevant. Each one of us impacts at least one other person on this planet in a big way. That being said, we are all relevant. What we do with our lives is up to us. You and you alone have the power to make changes for the better or worse.

Let me say this, I believe in God and I believe in community, but I don’t believe in traditional organized religion. I believe that people coming together to express their faith is invaluable, but I no longer see a need for institutions such as the Catholic Church.

These institutions are run by people who dictate how we should live our lives, yet their values are far from the initial teachings of Christ. Jesus wouldn’t have imagined that his followers would turn themselves into kings living in Vatican City. It’s downright blasphemous and hypocritical. Think for yourself, don’t blindly follow what others tell you.

Traditional religious institutions have been corrupted by immoral and perverse men who disregard what their churches stand for and live as though themselves are Gods among men.

They’re no different from these over their head celebrities who preach to us on a daily basis. This isn’t to say that traditions and rules shouldn’t be kept or followed, but they need to be revitalized in a manner that is true to the initial intent of the word of God.

I don’t believe in preaching about God for a living, I believe in preaching about God as being a part of life. It should be done voluntarily, not for monetary gain. I’m not saying that people who preach about God should not be wealthy, I’m saying if they do preach, they should do it outside of their career pursuits as a means of giving back to their communities.

People love to say that religion is stupid or they don’t believe in Gods, yet these same people have no problem worshiping material items, public figures, sex, drugs and their pseudo-religious fanatical ideologies that range from veganism to yoga to cross fit to communism to feminism to Black Lives Matter to Social Justice to liberalism as a whole.

Christianity is no longer their religion…progressivism is. It’s the ugliness that led to Sodom and Gomorrah. Those progressives burned to the ground and so shall the ones of modern times.  

Congratulations, you’ve traded in worshiping the creator of your very existence to worshiping Kim Kardashian’s ass and Netflix.

Now I know, I may be sounding outrageous and crazy by now to those who don’t get it, but I’m only pointing out reality. Human beings are all the same. We all worship one thing or another and we all have our faults.

We glorify false idols. Hedonistic individuals who are out of touch with reality.

We’re so used to smug celebrities telling us how to live our lives that an unfortunate amount of people buy into their bullshit and try to mimic them.

They virtue-signal us to give themselves a sense of moral superiority and provide themselves with the justification for living their lavish lives.

Think about it. Any celebrity who has an extreme amount of wealth has no business worrying about the climate or social issues. They have the money and means to live away from the world’s troubles in their Hollywood Hills Mount Olympus mansions away from us peasants.

It’s not about bettering the world or anyone else’s life, it’s about making themselves look good so they can tell themselves that they are better than you, because of their beliefs and irrelevant accomplishments.

Truth is, musicians, artists and athletes are really just glorified court jesters meant to entertain the people. We’ve just given them outrageous salaries, which has inflated their egos and convinced them that they are more relevant than they actually are. They’re just people…

We need to focus on the things that matter. Family, faith and community. Doing your part to better the society around you.

We need to get back to the basics. Morality isn’t subjective to each individual. There’s right and there’s wrong.The Bible is essential for upholding morality and understanding humanity, because it provides us with the basic rules to live efficiently. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to throw those rules out the window.

Here’s a refresher for those who need be reminded that the entire West was founded upon Judeo-Christian values. The basis for these values is summed up by The 10 Commandments as follows:

  1. Do not have any other Gods before him (people love to worship others and things that have no business being worshipped)
  2. Do not worship yourself (life isn’t about you or your need for happiness, grow up already)
  3. Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain (show some respect for what you have, will ya?)
  4. Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy (give yourself a break and take time to appreciate what you have)
  5. Honor your father and your mother (respect those who care for you and support you, this doesn’t necessarily apply to your parents alone)
  6. Do not murder (abortion apologists disregard this completely, ALL innocent life matters)
  7. Do not commit adultery (control your sexual urges, most marital problems derive from unfaithfulness, don’t become another statistic)
  8. Do not steal (don’t cheat others. If you cheat one, you cheat us all. It all comes back. Earn what you want, don’t take away from others).
  9. Do not bear false witness against your neighbor (people love to slander, but the truth always prevails)
  10. Do not covet (we’re always wanting more and never satisfied, appreciate what you have)

We need to get back to the basics. Life isn’t complicated, people make it so.

Follow the rules and take care of yourself. Suck it up. No one said life is easy. The world doesn’t revolve around you. I’d like to end this piece with a rewording of an iconic quote made by President John F. Kennedy, “Don’t ask what the world can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for the world”.

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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