Gun-Free Zones Have Failed Us

No. Gun-free zones don’t reduce crimes committed with guns. It’s not like criminals walk into a place, notice a gun-free zone sign and a magical liberal force field blocks them from entering. They don’t follow the law to begin with, you seriously think a laughable sign saying guns aren’t allowed is going to stop them?

Why do you think Chicago (a city with strict gun regulations) has such a high crime rate with shootings happening on a daily basis? It’s almost as if criminals don’t give a shit about the law (

You know what? The city and it’s people did it to themselves. This is what they asked for and they got it. It’s like telling someone not to put their hand on a hot stove, yet they go ahead and do it anyways. We warned you it was a bad idea. Try listening next time before you burn your city to the ground.

Here’s the thing. Anti-gun laws don’t protect anyone. All they do is strip law-abiding citizens of their right to self-defense and enable criminals. Guns aren’t the problem, bad people are.

Is someone attempting to physically harm you? Give them a taste of their own medicine through a concealed Glock shot to the face…and that my friend is how you deal with the bad guys. By having weapons to defend yourself with and serve immediate justice to the person out to get you.

“But there are other means of self-defense, like martial arts. You don’t need a gun.”

Sure, but what’s the best weapon to level the playing field with virtually anyone? You guessed it, a gun. A 23 year old Oklahoma man used an AR-15 in his home to stop three would be home-invaders:

Was he in the wrong for taking the lives of three young men? Hell no. He evened the odds in a  3-against-1 situation. Who knows what the home invaders intended to do.

People bitch about rape culture in America, yet overlook the importance of women carrying and knowing how to use firearms. They’d rather mock a person’s need to own a gun for self-defense, instead of encouraging women to carry an equalizer.

There would be significantly less instances of rape if more women had the proper means to defend themselves. Take this would-be rape incident that was thankfully averted by a Georgia school counselor who fended off the would-be rapist in her home by killing the perpetrator with a .22 pistol (

It’s horrifying that she was involved in this situation to begin with, but the fact is, her gun saved her from experiencing any more tragedy. Stories like this are rarely reported by the mainstream media. It makes sense. Why would the mainstream media want it’s legions of sheep to think for themselves?

But what if an armed citizen accidentally kills an innocent bystander?

Well, it’s better to take a shot at a potential mass shooter than to let the maniac go off on a killing spree. In this scenario, an Uber driver with a concealed firearm was at the right place at the right time and prevented a mass shooting from happening in Chicago thanks to having a concealed carry permit and carrying a firearm at the time of the incident (

There’s a reason the States that don’t have strict gun laws and allow open carry have the lowest crime rates in the entire United States of America. Would-be criminals are deterred from committing crimes:

You’d have to be a special kind of stupid to wander off and shoot innocent people when you’re aware that the person next to you might be armed. Why do you think mass murderers never go off on killing sprees at Gun Shows?

Let’s take a look at some statistics. According to the CDC you’re more likely to die in a car crash than you are to be killed by a firearm, yet we drive vehicles all the time (

Where are the protests against cars? Why aren’t people reluctant to jump into a vehicle and get on the highway? Funny how things are accepted and normalized for convenience’s sake.

What about knives? They’re just as dangerous and even more accessible to toddlers than firearms. Should we ban all steak knives as well? Of course not. It’s up to the personal responsibility of parents to teach their kids about safety and what they are and aren’t allowed to use in the house.

Teaching kids right from wrong starts from a young age. You either educate yourself properly or choose to be ignorant. Of course someone’s going to be anti-gun if all they know about them is whatever politicians and bureaucrats want them to know. We need to teach people about the benefits of proper gun use and stop demonizing them.

Shooting range Frontier Justice owner Bren Brown explains; What’s the first thing we do as mothers when we have children around swimming?…we drag them to swimming lessons, so they don’t drown”. The same applies for understanding the importance of firearms (

Take a look at this social experiment conducted by KWWL-TV and the Waterloo Police involving firearms and children in a playroom. Notice that the children who were uneducated on guns were the first to find and point the hidden gun at others? The kids who live in households that have firearms stayed away. You know why? Those kids understand that guns aren’t toys (

Should anyone be allowed to own or carry weapons? Of course not. Anyone with a violent or criminal history should be denied that right, as well as those who are mentally unstable.

You don’t give guns to crazy.  

Background checks should be enforced to prevent violent criminals and those with mental instability from obtaining gun permits. Along with background checks, all would-be gun owners should go through firearm training with certified instructors in a similar process to obtaining a driver’s license for vehicular use. I’d say those requirements are reasonable enough.

Now look. I’m not saying that every single person out there must own a firearm. It’s perfectly understandable if some people are uncomfortable with owning or using one. That’s fine, but we must preserve the 2nd Amendment to give people the opportunity to bear arms if they wish.

People are so gullible and comfortable with their way of life, that they are ignorant when it comes down to the true horrors of living in a country ruled by tyranny and fear. You can laugh all you want at the idea of government sending military personnel to your doorstep to disarm you of your weapons and take away your rights, but it’s happened all over the world. Yes, even in modern times.

The worst cases of citizens being disarmed involved ethnic cleansing, which is what happened with the Armenian Genocide against Christians in Turkey in 1911, where an estimated 1.5 million people were murdered. And who can forget Nazi Germany, where 13 million Jews and Gypsies were targeted and killed during the Holocaust.

Another country that is often under looked for disarming its people is the Soviet Union. From 1929 up until Joseph Stalin’s death, 40 million people lost their lives due to being unable to defend themselves from their ruthless dictator.

But yeah, let the people who wear Che Guevara t-shirts and think communism is such a grand idea tell us what to do with our guns. Because the people who support more government control are all for liberty and the rights of the individual, eh?

If you’d like to further educate yourself on why losing your guns is bad, Dave Hodges provides an in-depth look at countries around the globe that disarmed their citizens during modern times. To review his research, go here:

Let’s face it. Guns aren’t bad. People are. Taking them away from us doesn’t solve our issues of violence and hate. Crime happens and always will. Even if we take away all the guns in the world, criminals will always find another way. That being said, the least we can do is give decent people a fighting chance.

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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