Don’t Virtue Signal Me, You Posers!

The mainstream media is filled with fake news. They are not the bringers of truth, they are the pushers of lies. They report on every single negative thing that someone from the right does, while failing to report the biases coming from their own side on the left. A good portion of heavy metal journalists are guilty of pushing this biased narrative as well.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve certainly heard about the madness that has recently occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia.

If you’ve been following the news, the narrative is that White Nationalists caused the mayhem, while the media including music journalists are ignoring the violence committed by the leftist groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

In support of hating President Trump and denouncing his supporters, Uproxx did an interview featuring Prophets of Rage members Tom Morello and Chuck D to discuss the events in Charlottesville.

In regards to President Trump and White Nationalism being on the rise, Tom Morello stated that; “The Nazis and The KKK have un-hooded themselves”…

He’s basically accusing Trump and all the Americans who voted for him of being racist bigots with that statement. He might as well fear-monger and proclaim “watch out everyone, your white neighbor who you’ve known all your life has been a Nazi the whole time! Go punch a white person in the face to counteract bigotry!”

BOTH sides are in the wrong. To ignore one and focus on the other is flat out hypocrisy.

Chuck D goes on to explain that; “There’s a contingent out there that he inspired and made rise with all the rhetoric he was spitting in that campaign”.

Is he talking about former President Barack Obama encouraging Black Lives Matter to take the streets and normalize nationwide protests in modern America? Nooooope! Like his Commie-loving band mate, he’s putting the blame for racial tension on President Trump.  

First off, this isn’t Trump’s doing. This is the direct result of Obama’s policies and him favoring all the anti-cop/Black Lives Matter sentiment which led to such a divide in America in the first place.

Where were you Mr. Chuck D to criticize your government while Obama was spearheading and planting the seeds to all this racial division we see in America today, hmm?

Since no one has the balls to say it, I will. Obama only became President in the first place because the majority of Americans were thinking this at the time…“he’s a black man running for President….America’s racist. We pretty much have to vote for him or else the rest of the world will continue to think we’re racists!”

Guess what, America? The rest of the world STILL thinks you’re racist. So stop giving a shit what the rest of the world thinks and place yourselves first again. Appeasing to virtue-signalers gets people nowhere.

Hell, I remember being in high school in Canada and everyone wanted to see Obama in the White House. We were all rooting for the States to have their first black President. Myself included.

None of us knew what his policies were about, we just knew that he was black and that was enough for us. I can only imagine that many Americans probably felt the same way at the time too.

Obama didn’t become President because he was fit to lead the nation. He became the President simply because he was black. That’s the honest truth.

Well, Americans learned their lesson the hard way. That’s why they refused to vote for Hillary solely on the basis of her being a woman.

Identity politics is dying out, but the left is holding onto it for dear life and becoming more extreme with each passing day.

Is it any wonder that despite Obama serving as President throughout two terms and people continuing to call Americans racist that they decided to vote for the polar opposite of him in Donald Trump?

The one’s bitching the most about all this are the ones who brought it upon themselves! You’re the ones who are going to ensure that Trump gets an additional four years in office. You’ll have no one left to blame, but yourselves.

Getting back to musicians preaching garbage and pedophile media networks like MetalSucks there to promote it, Prophets of Rage aren’t alone on the Trump Hate Bandwagon!

Whenever something controversial happens that fits the Social Justice Warrior narrative, Machinehead’s General Robb is is sure to chime in and provide his generic response for the people!

Robb wrote in his latest journal entry: “We discussed how people could feel that way, read our president’s pathetic “many sides” response to a domestic terrorist attack by a white supremacist’s…

Trump isn’t pathetic. You know what’s pathetic? Calling someone out for being in the right in saying that there were many sides that were wrong, yet you choose to focus on the mainstream narrative that there was only one side committing atrocities, while blatantly ignoring the other.

Robb then goes on to focus on the story of an ex-Nazi buddy of his and shares links to help people stop being Nazis.

Makes you wonder…does he truly believe that the majority of his readers, metal heads and his fans are actually Nazis? Why else would he post that?

Oh, right…he only mentioned that story and posted those links to virtue-signal us all. Thanks, Robb!

If any Nazi happens to stumble across his journal entry and  him virtue-signalling them about their stupid beliefs, I can assure you, it certainly won’t change their minds or their hearts.

If your entire belief system primarily focuses on race or sexuality…you’re clueless and have nothing to stand on. Values should be based off right from wrong. Nothing more, nothing less.

Robb also tries to defend himself and lay distance between himself and his Nazi-sympathizing past by writing: “Now more than ever, in today’s “gotcha” society someone is gonna try and say to you “LOOK, you were like THIS before!”

With that statement, he’s referring to this photo taken with Jeff Hanneman of Slayer and Gary Holt of Exodus displaying Nazi salutes alongside him:

Yeah, you may have been a scumbag then, but that doesn’t mean you still aren’t a shithead today too. You’re just a shithead in a different way.

No Robb, you may not be a Nazi, but you sure as hell see yourself as a holier than thou virtue-signalling thought police enforcer.

You didn’t say jack shit to Gary Holt or Jeff Hanneman then and you didn’t go up to Phil Anselmo’s face like a man either to call him out during the Dimebash incident when it happened.

All you did was bitch about him in a lame vlog post the next day to attach yourself to the controversy.

Robb, it’s okay. We get it. Your heroes throw Nazi salutes in front of you and you don’t have the balls to tell them they’re assholes, because you don’t really give a shit about racism to begin with…and by the way, nobody honestly gives a shit whether you do or don’t anyways.

He’s the type of musician and person that if being a Nazi was suddenly cool in the metal scene, he’d be be all about that life. He’d be the first to have Swastikas as part of his live stage setup and everything.

Right now, it’s cool to be a Social Justice Warrior and hate people like Trump, that’s why he embraces and preaches this sentiment.

If people can be so easily manipulated by the media, who’s to say they can’t be so easily manipulated by their favorite public figures? Guys like Tom Morello and Robb Flynn.

Shame on these musicians who have a voice yet choose to encourage these imbeciles to go out there and stir up even more trouble.

Leftists don’t care about what’s right and what’s wrong. Whatever their beliefs are is what’s right to them. Whatever the opposition believes in is wrong. Period. There’s no reasoning with people like this.

They claim to have the moral high ground due to their longing to accept everyone and everything, yet happen to be the most intolerant group of people out of them all.

Their tactic is divide and conquer. The establishment makes it an issue between you versus I, when it’s really an issue between us , the people, versus them.

United we stand, divided we fall…we’re falling pretty hard right now.

The ugliest side to the division in America boils down to the rise of Antifa. They are radical leftist domestic terrorists that have been and are being protected and cheered on by the mainstream media and public figures.

They are the book burners of this generation. They are the thought police. The enemy of individualism. They are driven by a Marxist victimization mentality that has them lashing out against everyone and everything. They blow the Rape Whistle every chance they get. 

Leftists hate humanity and people. The majority of their causes seek to destroy any given society and the people that built it. They want to tear everything down and rebuild it in their image.

We don’t need a cleansing of our history, we need a cleansing of the establishment. Trump was right. We need to drain the swamp. We also need to drain the entertainment industry. It’s filled with the exact same mindless people spouting regressive beliefs and who see hate everywhere they go. 

Does everyone have to be miserable in order for there to be justice in the world you leftists envision? That’s what it seems it has to come down to.

We’re all Americans. Stop stirring the pot and get back to making this country amazing. America itself and the vast majority of its people ARE NOT racist. It’s these extremists from both sides causing chaos that have us believing otherwise.

You know what the true atrocity happening in America is? The genocide of the unborn that is being fueled by the pro-choice movement and the likes of organizations like Planned Parenthood.

You can virtue signal about any racial cause or monument removal you wish, at the end of the day if you believe that the pro-choice movement is a noble cause, you’re a hypocrite.

You’re not supporting “women’s rights” or human right for that matter, you’re literally supporting the termination of human lives.

All this talk about Nazism coming from the left…you know what the Nazis did? They sent people to gas chambers. Here in America, we send mothers to abortion clinics so they can willfully murder their own children.

This is what “progressivism” is…in all it’s disgusting glory. The same people who denounce what Nazism stood for, willfully support eugenics and the countless murders of innocent children…and they’re supposed to  be the good guys?

There’s no substance to liberalism. It’s empty and nihilistic. There’s nothing morally valiant to being on a side that cherishes human degeneracy and killing babies.

You definitely won’t hear guys like Robb Flynn or Tom Morello denouncing abortion any time soon…because again, they truly don’t care what’s right and what’s wrong.  All they care about is being in the spotlight while they preach to you about bullshit they don’t even buy themselves.

They’re on the WRONG side of history. Are you?

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

2 thoughts on “Don’t Virtue Signal Me, You Posers!”

  1. Dude…

    I came here through some searching i did concerning Stuck Mojo and their new lineup. What i found here is hurting my brain. Soooo wrong on soooo many levels I can’t even fathom… Stuck Mojo fan from Europe since Snappin’ Necks, and even if the controversial messaging of theirs was always there and i never liked the pro gun and conservative stuff in their lyrics, i decided to love them because of their music. Some lyrics make me cringe to this day, but fuck it, the music made me overcome it…

    Until this day.

    The shit that you are spilling here is not excusable… lefty pro choicers more evil than Nazis? Abortion clinics equal gas chambers from the third reich?

    Say hi to Rich, Stuck Mojo just lost another longtime fan, and i don’t think that any riff on this planet will get him back. Congrats, freshman… *megafacepalm*

  2. Somebody needs to hand Sad Panda the preparation H, looks like someone got too butthurt from the truth. Also, there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz, that’s been long debunked!

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