Chicago Says Bye-Bye to Sugary Drinks!

For those who are unaware, we are literally being taxed one cent per sip in Cook County thanks to crazy leftists who have been running this city to the ground for decades. It’s all for the good of mankind and preventing people from having unhealthy eating habits. Just kidding, it’s just another case of government robbing its citizens of more money.

The new “Sweetened Beverage Tax” means Cook County Chicagoans and passersby are being charged by the ounce. So if you purchase a 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola, that’s an additional 67 cents per bottle, on top of the already high soda tax that is already on sugary beverages (12 cents per dollar). A 99 cent 2 liter of pop now averages a cost of $1.79. Just think about how insane that is.

If politicians were so concerned about ending obesity, they wouldn’t have created ridiculous taxes. They would have done something to stop enabling the very poor to purchase such items to begin with. Period. It’s obvious what’s going on. Health isn’t the primary concern for them…control is.

Governments enable countless people to indulge in all these sugary food products by providing them with welfare benefits in the first place. The root of the problem isn’t what these people consume, it’s the means in which they are given to consume them.

If this tax was put into place to derail obesity and sugar intake in Chicagoans, then it completely misses the mark. Has it worked for smoking? No. If that were the case, nobody would be smoking right now. Reality is, they still do and they’ll continue to drink sodas as well.

The sugary drink tax is unfair for everyone except for those who are on welfare. The ones who are affected the most by this tax are those who are struggling as is, but for one reason or another do not qualify for food stamps.

In terms of health, it’s no coincidence that the most obese demographic of people happens to be those that are poorer than the rest of the population.

All these people willingly choose to eat junk. They don’t go about spending their benefits on healthy products alone, countless of them purchase a ton of chips, candies and sodas with their EBT cards. Tons.

Politicians encourage people to be dependent on the state. They give them just enough to keep them satisfied and have them voting for the same politicians who give them “free” things. But at what cost? Their liberty and their self-dependence. They aren’t so free when it’s put in that perspective, is it?

Listen, people will buy the products they want regardless the cost. They don’t care or want to be told that something’s bad for them and they certainly don’t need government implementing more regulations on the items they wish to consume.

The sugar tax isn’t about saving lives and making people healthy, it’s yet another bullshit tax that was created to rob Chicagoans of more of their hard-earned dollars. All in a pitiful effort to try and lower Chicago’s overwhelming debt.

Higher taxes doesn’t lower debt, just like minimum wage hikes don’t improve people’s quality of life. The higher taxes hurt everyone, except for the politicians and their corporate buddies in power.

Chicago is currently in ridiculous debt due to being incapable of affording to pay for all the extremely high pensions of former government workers. Why they were promised such high pensions for being public servants is beyond me. Cronies helping out cronies, I guess.

Another good question is if the mayor and his team are so concerned with cutting Chicago and Illinois’ debts, then why don’t they offer to take lower salaries for the work they do? They’re supposed to be public servants after all. Since when do servants earn more than the people they’re supposed to be serving?

I gotta say, it’s quite absurd and yet hilarious every time I mention to my clients that it’s the government’s fault these taxes keep popping up and their response always has something to do with putting the blame on President Trump.

It was a tax imposed by your municipal Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel, you morons! This tax has absolutely nothing to do with Trump. But that just goes to show how informed the average Chicagoan really is about politics…they aren’t.

Another stupid tax imposed on Cook County residents is the “bag tax”. It was recently imposed in early 2017. The bag tax forces those in Cook County to pay 7 cents per plastic bag. The problem is that EBT-using customers are exempt from this tax as well.

All the bag tax is is virtue-signalling masquerading as a noble environmental cause, while actually screwing over taxpayers who actually spend their own money to purchase things. Like what, is grandma who pays in cash supposed to be punished with an additional bullshit tax so she can walk her groceries down the street to her home? It’s ridiculous.

The municipal government is punishing small businesses and their cash-paying customers with all these taxes. Inevitably, these businesses will either all be shut down or run off by these extreme tax regulations.

Way to help out the little guy!

Everyone’s just going to end up purchasing all their drinks outside of the County. A lot are crossing state lines over to Indiana to get their products for a far more affordable price.

If this trend of higher taxes continues, the working class people are going to end up moving out of the city and off to different States entirely.

The problem with this is that these are the same idiots who can’t figure out that their ill-informed beliefs and the politicians they voted for are the reasons that caused them to leave in the first place. They end up turning red states blue like a bunch of travelling parasites and wonder why everywhere they go turns to shit. Look in the mirror, will ya?

If you continue voting for the same politicians and policies expecting different results every time, you’re only fooling and hurting yourselves. Change your ways, people.

Chicago hasn’t had a conservative leader in damn near a century. It’s time for someone with a different vision and perspective to take charge in this city to try and turn things around. A change from these regressive policies has been long overdo. Robby J. for Mayor of Chicago 2031, anyone?

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Author: Robby J. Fonts

Editor-in-Chief at The RANTidote

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