O’Reilly & Lahren Conned America

Two big scandals involving popular conservative figures recently rocked the political world. The first incident happened a few weeks ago involving The Blaze’s  rising media star Tomi Lahren and more recently, long-time Fox News veteran Bill O’Reilly.

Lahren flip-flopped on abortion, an issue she was passionately against and O’Reilly faces numerous sexual harassment accusations. Conservatives are supposed to be the people who stand up for what is morally right, if they don’t…are they really conservatives to begin with? Continue reading “O’Reilly & Lahren Conned America”

The Alternative to the Alternative

If you refuse to accept every and all movements pushed by the left, you are considered a bigot and don’t deserve to have a say. Rock ‘n’ roll was and is supposed to be counterculture, but has become a part of mainstream society. The mainstream has morphed so much into degeneracy and acceptance for everything and everyone to the point that the line between right and wrong has been blurred.

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Pro-Choice Means No Choice at All

Feminist women parade the streets championing their abortions and the right to have one. Abortions aren’t a human right, they’re a paid service that terminates an innocent life. You can claim to be pro-choice all you want, but really…what choice are you giving the unborn by enabling their deaths through organizations like Planned Parenthood? Continue reading “Pro-Choice Means No Choice at All”

Raising Minimum Wage: The Encouragement of Mediocrity


Here’s the thing, if you’re working minimum wage, you’re getting a low pay for a reason. These jobs are not setup to be “livable wage” jobs. They’re supposed to be part-time and temporary allowance gigs for youth to get some basic work experience while attending school.

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