Don’t Virtue Signal Me, You Posers!

The mainstream media is filled with fake news. They are not the bringers of truth, they are the pushers of lies. They report on every single negative thing that someone from the right does, while failing to report the biases coming from their own side on the left. A good portion of heavy metal journalists are guilty of pushing this biased narrative as well.

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MetalSucks is Fake News Run by Pedophiles

MetalSucks co-founder, Vince Neilstein and his team began running a smear campaign labeling me as being transphobic and hateful. Strong words that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Their site promotes gossip and is fueled by drama. For whatever reason, they have chosen me as their latest target. I openly welcome being their new Public Enemy Number One. If it’s a war of words they want, it’s a war of words they’re going to get.

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