Quebec’s Sovereignist Pipe Dream

The idea of sovereignty for Quebec has been present ever since the French were conquered by the British. Due to their distinct language and cultural difference from the rest of Canada, sovereignists have this romantic idea that Quebec should become its own standalone nation. Allow me to explain how the sovereignty movement has destroyed Quebec culture…

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Don’t Virtue Signal Me, You Posers!

The mainstream media is filled with fake news. They are not the bringers of truth, they are the pushers of lies. They report on every single negative thing that someone from the right does, while failing to report the biases coming from their own side on the left. A good portion of heavy metal journalists are guilty of pushing this biased narrative as well.

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Chicago Says Bye-Bye to Sugary Drinks!

For those who are unaware, we are literally being taxed one cent per sip in Cook County thanks to crazy leftists who have been running this city to the ground for decades. It’s all for the good of mankind and preventing people from having unhealthy eating habits. Just kidding, it’s just another case of government robbing its citizens of more money.

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